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Michele Lee

What’s your day to day life look like right now?
Busy training track dogs and families to Track for success with L2 Track Dogs plus operate with my family L2 Show Lambs. In addition we have a cancer care boutique, a non profit for ladies needing help with cancer

Where did you attend higher education? And what’s your Major?
Master in Business Administration and minor in ag business

What’s your current Occupation? Did Showing sheep Impact your decision to go into that Occupation?
The work ethic formed at an early age definitely shaped my entire life. Knowing that no matter how hard things might seem, you don’t quit because tomorrow is another day. We have been definitely blessed through the stock show industry with both an incredible circle of friends as well as able to start a new business that has exploded serving the sheep and goat stock show families

What was your favorite part of showing sheep?
Competition that is so incredibly tough which your entire family is participating. One minute you are  fighting it out in the ring with other competitors then you walk out of the ring and the same person is one of your best friends

What was your least favorite barn chore? Is that barn chore still your least favorite?
Blowing legs, and yes it is still my least favorite. Can not stand my sleeve wet when blowing out legs after bathing them. Give me a rack and I will clean pens, better yet, let me grab my dog and I will exercise all day long!

What was your favorite animal you ever showed?
It was not a lamb that I showed but one that Dalton York my son did. We hauled him to over 32 shows chasing the Texas All Around. He was never suppose to show at Houston, but due to a lamb getting sick, we brought him back to track to rebuild him. His name was Gold! And you know there are still legends told about this amazing sheep that has a song written about him. (At least that is the story and we are sticking to it!) Gold finished Houston with the Reserve Chanpion Southdown Banner but more importantly he gave his all for the our son.

Who had the most influence on your show career?
By far it was Jim Mazurkiewicz, now Dr Mazurkiewicz. He took four blond headed girls to Kansas City to represent the state of Texas and we ended up 3rd overall team and 1st on pigs.  He taught us so much, but this phrase stuck and still use it today, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!”

What was your biggest accomplishment as a showman?
Class winner at Houston with a Brahman steer, had numerous high placing lambs at Houston and El Paso Stockshow, also won the Texas High School Goat tying in 1982