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Idaho Breeders Open House

Idaho Breeders Open House – December 15th through the 17th!

– 600+ lambs expected within 2 hours of the Boise Airport
– Southdowns, Dorsets, Specks, and Blackfaces
– All lambs eligible for The Show Reno

Inside the Ring

Riley Hoyle

We caught up with ewe showmanship judge Riley Hoyle before she steps “Inside the Ring” at the Tulsa State Fair. We invite you to read our candid interview with Riley below and please continue to check back often for our next edition of “Inside the Ring – Showmanship Edition.”

Do you like when kids show down on their lamb during showmanship?​
I usually prefer kids to brace their sheep, but if showing down makes their lamb look its best then I think it is their smartest move. Showmanship is all about making your lamb look its best and I think there are multiple ways to do so and still be effective in showmanship.

In your opinion, What’s the most crucial thing to do in showmanship to succeed?
In my opinion, the most crucial thing to do in showmanship is to be aware. Ring awareness can really set you apart from others. By always knowing where the judge is, where you are going, and making use of the whole ring you can stand out to the judge.

Do you prefer kids who get low on their sheep or stand up more when bracing?
I usually prefer kids to stand up a bit more when they show, not necessarily straight up, but a balance in between the two extremes. I think that showmen look more comfortable when they find this happy medium and that they are better able to switch sides and reach to set legs when they do so.

What’s your opinion on kids who make noise to get their sheep to walk?
I think that as long as the noises are actually encouraging the sheep to move and this is noticeable, then they are fine. However, if the noises are not having any effect on if the lamb moves or not, then I do not think they are necessary.

What’s your words of wisdom to the kids before you step in the ring?
My biggest words of wisdom to kids, before they step into the ring, is to take a deep breath and be confident. Confidence definitely shows in the ring, and it again can set you apart from your contemporaries. I would encourage all of you to think back on the hours of hard work and dedication you have put into your projects and find confidence in that before you enter the ring.

What do you look forward to most about your upcoming showmanship judging experience?
Really, I am most excited about the opportunity to work with young showmen in a new capacity. For the past few years, I have been able to help coach and guide them and I am excited to expand on that experience as a judge this time. I can not wait to work with all the exhibitors.

Nolan Hildebrand

We caught up with judge Nolan Hildebrand before he steps “Inside the Ring” to sort the Market Lamb Show at Tulsa State Fair. Learn more about Nolan below…

What’s been your all time favorite sheep you have judged?
I am still young or newer in my judging career but the one I think about the most would be my champion ewe at Tulsa in 2021.

Who’s your biggest influence in evaluating livestock?
My mom and dad have been huge influences on me in terms of evaluating livestock. From the basics they taught me growing up to providing me the opportunities to be involved in the livestock industry set the stage for my development as a stockman. My greatest influence would easily be my grandfather Bob Cummings. He instilled in us at a very young age how the skeletal system should be organized and also the importance of compositional correctness. When I got older Matt Kennedy and my uncle Clint Cummings had major influences on sharpening my ability as an evaluator. My college judging coaches Blake Bloomberg and Gretchen Mafi also had giant influences on selection. Blake did a great job of keeping everything big picture and motivating personal belief, and Mafi really helped me understand what is important on the terminal side of things.

What do you look for when evaluating?
I am big on initial impressions and will be studying and pulling sheep the moment they walk into the ring. Sheep that are correct in their basic build and come with athleticism will be found early. After that the ones with more than enough muscle and an acceptable degree of fat cover will be the next sort. Usually sheep that are heavy muscled, athletic, and good built will balance and look the part.

If down to the last few, what will be your sort?
Quality and which one is the hardest to make. As I stated earlier I am big on initial impressions so when the going gets tough the one that hit me the hardest at the start will usually get the nod.

Do you prefer to evaluate when sheep are in motion or stuck on profile?
I think both are extremely important but if I had to pick one I would say in motion.

Tell us about your family!
I recently moved back home to Templeton, CA over a year ago so I could be more involved with our family’s club lamb and angus cattle operations. My father, mother, grandfather, and two of my uncles all have been or currently are agriculture instructors at the high school or university level. I grew up showing with my two sisters who now have successful careers; one is a vice president of fraud for a bank and the other is a nurse. Our family’s backbone would be my Grandma Jo, without her we would be lost and myself, siblings, and cousins wouldn’t have the opportunities that we have today.

What’s one show you look forward to every year?
I enjoy attending all stock shows because it is a great time to catch up with friends and meet new people. This one may be out of left field but our county fair back home the California Mid State Fair is a fun show with a cool environment.

In your mind, how has the industry changed in the show ring over the last 10 years?
We have definitely made them thicker and fuzzier and moderated them up some. While all these traits are important especially in a show ring environment I feel doubling down on these traits have made some of our sheep quicker maturing and lacking that natural look of running up hill, which in my mind diminishes their athleticism. I do think some of these sheep today could use a little more natural elevation and height of shoulder by having a little bit more immaturity tied into their front skeletons. Our upper rump constructions right now are very square, level and boxy but I do think we have started sacrificing some length of hip because of it. I know there will be a lot of great sheep at Tulsa and I know there will be a good handful of them that combine these beneficial traits to a high degree.

Cruz Nichols

We caught up with judge Cruz Nichols before he steps “Inside the Ring” to sort the Breeding Ewe Show at Tulsa State Fair. Learn more about Cruz below…

What’s been your all time favorite sheep you have judged?
2018 Champion Commercial Ewe Arkansas State Fair shown by Riley Hoyle and raised by Rule Sheep Company

Who’s your biggest influence in evaluating livestock?
Evan Snyder and Craig Beckmeir have had a big impact in my livestock evaluation.

What do you look for when evaluating?
I want my animals fancy like a super model but athletic like a running back.

If down to the last few, what will be your sort?
Uniqueness. I like animals that are hard to recreate

Do you prefer to evaluate when sheep are in motion or stuck on profile?
In motion. If they motor properly they should look good stuck too.

Tell us about your family!
I’m the fourth generation of the Nichols to raise show sheep. I’m now married, and live in Illinois where we have started the 5th generation of sheep producers with Harper and Hadley Nichols.

What’s one show you look forward to every year?
NAILE. It’s the Super Bowl in my opinion.

In your mind, how has the industry changed in the show ring over the last 10 years?
The preparation has changed a ton. I grew up fitting sheep and that’s not as popular but the attention to detail on slick shorn sheep is must to succeed.

Breeder Spotlight

Burch Livestock

We caught up with the breeder of the Grand Champion 4-H Market Lamb at the 2023 Nebraska State Fair. We invite you to read our candid interview with Burch Livestock below and please continue to check back often for our next edition of “Breeder Spotlight.”

What’s the pedigree of your champion?

Big City x Nathan donor (Legend x Rainman)

What makes your operation run smoothly?
Luckily many days it does go smoothly and that’s because of Micky. She lambs the majority of the ewes, nurtures any and all sad cases…”Buzz” the grand at our state fair was 3-4 lbs at birth and had fused ankles, he couldn’t stand and nurse…without Micky, he wouldn’t have made it. Micky also evaluates and packages all of our fresh chilled semen shipments and does 100% of the office work.

How many head do you run?
We own 43 ewes and 2 1/2 rams. The overwhelming majority of our barn is filled with leased recips. We source around 300 recips annually.

Do you have another job besides raising sheep? If so, what’s your occupation?
Strictly raise sheep.

In your opinion, who has been the most influential ram across the industry?
Unicorn and Say When for sure. If you go back even further bucks like Rainman and Mr June we’re very unique sheep too. We believe Big City will be influential as well.

What’s your favorite livestock show?

Do you prefer online sales or live sales?
Live sales. We sell our fall borns on a live farm sale we call Santa’s Favorites – Dec 16th and our January flush group sells April 5th on Heavy Hitters  along with our Heavy Hitters Genetic Appreciation Sale April 6th.

Amthauer Club Lambs

We caught up with the breeder of the Grand Champion 4-H Market Lamb at the 2023 Minnesota State Fair. We invite you to read our candid interview with Amthauer Club Lambs below and please continue to check back often for our next edition of “Breeder Spotlight.”

What’s the pedigree of your champion?

The Donald x Bullseye x Blowout x Last Call


What makes your operation run smoothly?
Caffeine. No, in all seriousness it’s a family affair around here. Every day it requires myself, my wife Robyn, and our girls Stella and Sutton to get day-to-day operations knocked out. Both Robyn and I work full-time, so it just requires some earlier mornings to get chores done and later nights to fit the rest in. Thankfully, our schedules allow us to cover lambing season in shifts, Robyn covers days as she works from a home office, and I cover nights. We also have some great seasonal help that keep the train on the tracks with summer interns and part-time fall/winter help from college students. Luckily, we all love to do this as a family (most the time), so it makes the long days and nights worth-while.

How many head do you run?
Currently we have about 100 blackface ewes, and 125 recip ewes.

Do you have another job besides raising sheep? If so, what’s your occupation?
I work at a bank as an Ag and Commercial lender. My wife Robyn owns and operates a design agency, Stella Sutton Design.

In your opinion, who has been the most influential ram across the industry?
‘Trigger’ that Brian Johnson owned. I loved the consistency that he created, in terms of sheep that could feed and win. He and his offspring, produced some of the deepest sets of lambs that I’ve seen in the industry to-date.

What’s your favorite livestock show?
Probably the Iowa State Fair. Even though neither my wife or I grew up in Iowa exhibiting at the state fair, we both have a deep appreciation for the tradition and quality of livestock that are synonymous with it.

Do you prefer online sales or live sales?
I would have to say live sales. We have had a lot of success selling champions at live sales and appreciate the ability to accurately showcase our livestock in an in-person setting vs. a one-dimensional photo on the internet. With that being said, both are a necessary asset to marketing our livestock and reaching a broader scope of customers.

Showman Spotlight

Kyle Rehak

We caught up with Mr, Kyle Rehak, exhibitor of the Reserve Champion Market lamb at the 2023 State Fair of Nebraska 4-H. Learn a little more about Kyle below!

Age: 18

Grade: Freshman at Northeast Community College

How do you stay focused on reaching your goal?
I try to make sure I stay consistent with my routine and I also have a amazing support group and family that make sure I stay focus and help me when it’s needed!

Do you show any other species besides sheep? If so, what other species?
I showed horses for many years and I also show goats!

What’s your favorite show? and why?
I have 2 favorite shows one being the FNL Jackpot Show in Wisner that my mom puts on! Every year there’s a new theme that we get to dress for so it’s pretty fun picking out clothes to match the theme! I also really enjoy the Royal because of the atmosphere!

What do you do to celebrate after a big win?
Usually take the next day off and eat out!

What has showing livestock taught you?
It’s taught me so much discipline and that keeping the same routine no matter how hard it is can make you successful in not only the show ring but in life!  

What’s your biggest dream?
I think my biggest dream right now is to keep being successful in the show ring and maybe one day get the big win!

What’s your lambs name? and what made him/her so special?
My sheeps name was Nelly! When we went to Hassebrooks that day to look at lambs he was the first lamb i grabed in the pen he just had that “look at me” attitude and I was all in on him! I will say tho he was a bit difficult to train to walk as he had a hard headed attitude but once you got the sucker stuck he was all in and wouldn’t move a muscle!

Who do you look up to?
There’s a few people in my life I really look up to! My parents who without all there support and love none of this would be possible! Mark Hassebrook who without his knowledge and support, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of this he’s taught me and my family so much in the past few years that we can’t thank him and his brother Ryan enough! Also my girlfriend Mallory who helps me get my game face on and keeps me calm and focused!

McCoy Marthaler

We caught up with Mr, McCoy Marthaler, exhibitor of the Grand Champion Market lamb at the 2023 State Fair of Minnesota 4-H. Learn a little more about McCoy below!

Age: 13

Grade: 7th Grade

How do you stay focused on reaching your goal?
Taking one day at a time. We would make a plan of what needed to be done everyday and worked together as a family to make sure everything got accomplished.

Do you show any other species besides sheep? If so, what other species?

What’s your favorite show? and why?
Minnesota State Fair
This was the first year I was eligible to show at the state fair. In Minnesota you only get to exhibit one animal at the fair which makes it very difficult.

What do you do to celebrate after a big win?
Hug my mom.

What has showing livestock taught you?
Animals can’t take care of themselves so you need to put their needs first.

What’s your biggest dream?
Win the state fair with a different species.

What’s your lambs name? and what made him/her so special?
Yianni named after Yianni Diakomihalis who is a four time NCAA wrestling champion. He had a personality of a champion and was the easiest sheep to deal with that we’ve ever had.

Who do you look up to?
My dad.

Dotty Lefty

We caught up with Ms, Dotty Lefty exhibitor of the Reserve Champion Wether Dam Ewe at the 2023 State Fair of California. Learn a little more about Dotty below!

Age: 16

Grade: Junior

How do you stay focused on reaching your goal?
To stay focused on my goals I like to set a realistic goal for the season with my team at the beginning of the year, from there on we work closely together everyday in the barn to move closer to our end point.

Do you show any other species besides sheep? If so, what other species?
I have showed sheep my whole show career and rasied my first market goat this year for our county fair. I enjoyed the learning experience that I gained from the goat project and was very successful at the county fair level although I enjoy sheep much more.

What’s your favorite show? and why?
I really enjoy showing at smaller jackpots as well as the larger ones, although to pick a favorite I would say Cow Palace. I have only showed at Cow Palce once but I really enjoy the layed back atmosphere of the show as well as watching the rodeo afterwards.

What do you do to celebrate after a big win?
After a successful show I enjoy either going out to a celebration dinner with all the people that got me to where I am or simply going back to the tent and talking and having a good time with good people.

What has showing livestock taught you?
Showing livestock has taught me numerous important life skills such as hard work, dedication, responsibility, honesty, and most importantly humility. Through my years showing I have learned many life skills that I can apply to my adult life one of the main ones being humility, this industry has taught me that win or loose there is a way for you to better yourself and learn from the situation, this I believe is the most important skill showing livestock has taught me.

What’s your biggest dream?
My biggest dream in the livestock industry is to win the ewe show at CYAE, through my years showing I have taken a liking towards the ewes and a huge goal and dream of mine is to win a large ewe show such as CYAE.

What’s your lambs name? and what made him/her so special?
Andie. This ewe has been extremely special to me and my family all year and picking a name for her came with time, Andie has a huge personality she is both sweet and stubborn. She is by far the most high strung ewe i’ve ever shown and even through her stubbornness she will remain one of my all time favorites.

Who do you look up to?
I look up to many people in my life but my main role models are definitely my parents, they are the ones that teach me the true values of life and keep me grounded. My mom is my biggest supporter and I would truly not where I am without her and I can only hope to one day be as impactful as she is. My dad is one of the most successful and respected people I know, he shows me humility, gratitude, and how to give back to others.

Educating Excellence

C L McGill

Where are you the teacher?
Tuttle, Oklahoma

How many kids do you teach?
Enrollment in Tuttle is 140. We have 2 teachers so I have about 70 of those.

Favorite thing about being a teacher?
Being around students keeps you in that young mindset. I love seeing them grow as a student, exhibitor and judging team member from start to finish. I also really love the competitive nature of the job.

Hardest thing you have had to accept in the last 10 years?
While our enrollment has grown in the past 10 years, the number of students exhibiting livestock has went down.  We have had to find other ways to get students involved.  The greenhouse and ag mechanics shop has been two areas where we have expanded participation. I’m wired to always think I can fix everything and can work hard enough to make things work out for the best but I can’t “fix” every kid, family, or the American education system and I’m just going to have to live with that and do what I can for those I can

Favorite part of your community?
The Tuttle community is know as Titletown because of all of the state titles won in sports, band and Ag. Participation in extra-curricular activities is not only expected but winning is expected, too. The students and parents know this and have bought in to the idea of excellence in whatever they do. This makes it easier to require students to show up to early morning practice or ride across Texas in a Mini-Bus for hours.

Biggest accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment is being the coach of several National Champion Livestock and Meats Judging teams those students have went on to receive scholarships to judge across the United States. Many of those students have even traveled to Europe to judge at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Favorite time of the year and why?
March 1 to May1 and its not even close. When the first of March comes around it’s time for the Grady County Stock Show in Chickasha, OK. One of the toughest counties in Oklahoma. From there its time to move in the the Greatest Junior Livestock Show in the world The Oklahoma Youth Expo. When OYE is over you don’t even have time to catch a breath and its judging/speech season. In the blink of an eye its the last Saturday in April and that’s state contest weekend. Throw in trying to find those early sheep and goats it becomes very busy. Conclude with the State FFA Convention in early May.

Tips from the Top

You may have seen some of our 2023 ambassadors at jackpot shows and State Fairs helping collect results. We’re also featuring them in our Tips from the Top Series, enjoy the first edition of this new series below!

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Carson Club Lambs Elite Consignments Posted!n23-03-23Mar 23, 202312310 E. 266TH ST.ArcadiaIN46030sheep
Cattlemen's Congress your hotel today!n23-07-18Jul 18, 2023Oklahoma CityOKevents
Caven Show Lambs New 2023 Champion!n23-09-18Sep 18, 202310185 N Lostcreek Shelby Rd.FletcherOH45326sheep
Chabot Show Lambs Check out our Diva selling tomorrow!n23-04-21Apr 21, 2023DublinTXsheep
Chad Walker Livestockhttp://www.chadwalkerlivestock.comBack to School Special - Call Chad Today!n23-08-25Aug 25, 202322740 N US Hwy 281StephenvilleTX76401sheep, products
Chambers Livestock & Donors Updated!n22-10-25Oct 25, 202219372 240th AvenueLaconaIA50139sheep
Champion Shavings Link!n20-02-28Feb 28, 2020products
Chapman Brothers Show Stock Winners & Sires!n23-02-06Feb 06, 202311437 Wassehnova Rd.South RockwoodMI48179sheep
Charmasson Club Lambshttp://www.charmassonclublambs.comCheck out our Diva ewe lambs on the for sale pagen23-04-18Apr 18, 2023P.O. Box 823HennesseyOK73742sheep
Charmasson-Neff Club Lambs New jackpot winners added!n23-06-20Jun 20, 20236322 N 171st LnWaddellAZ85355sheep
Chester Ace Show Lambs 2017 Champions!n17-09-25Sep 25, 20171219 County Rd. DOregonWI53575sheep
Christensen Club Lambs Updated!n23-09-06Sep 06, 20232707 220th Ave.WesleyIA50483sheep
City Limits Sheep Farm Winners - Online Sale March 28 at wlivestockn23-03-24Mar 24, 202350W735 OLD STATE RDMaple ParkIL60151sheep
CJ Club Lambs 2023 Sale Dates Postedn23-01-30Jan 30, 2023N4787 515TH STREETELLSWORTHWI54011sheep
Clinton County Fair Iowa Storage Policy Updatedn23-09-14Sep 14, 2023IAevents
CLM Show Lambshttp://www.clmshowlambs.comBred Ewe Exposed Ewe Lamb Sale Monday, November 7th at SC Online Sales!n22-11-07Nov 07, 20221913 Wayside Rd.GreenleafWI54126sheep
Cody Livestock Link!n15-04-30Apr 30, 20151601 CR 214BertramTX78605sheep
Cody Long Show Stock Sire Lineup!n23-09-27Sep 27, 20233272 320th St.CrestonIA50801sheepRecent
Cole Club Lambshttps://coleclublambs.netUpdated Website!n23-02-19Feb 19, 202311281 N 1975 RdElk CityOK73644sheep
Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America Standings Updatedn23-09-25Sep 25, 2023products
Continental Dorset Club Standings Updatedn23-09-01Sep 01, 2023RIproducts
Cooper Specialty Feeds State Fair champions posted!n23-09-25Sep 25, 2023UnionNEproducts
Corner View Club Lambs Sires added!n23-09-21Sep 21, 2023N4357 County Rd. TShawanoWI54166sheep
Cornerstone Veterinary Services carrying MPS with DBZ Milk Replacer n23-02-27Feb 27, 2023251 Buckeye DriveSaint HenryOH45883products
Cornman's Club Lambs winner posted!n22-01-10Jan 10, 2022835 Hereford RoadElizabethtownPA17022sheep
Cory Brothers Club Lambs Sires - Come see us in CA!n22-02-14Feb 14, 20223121 N St Rd 47CrawfordsvilleIN47933sheep
Cory Stock Co. out the updated picture of Bear Claw! Goat sires/winners updated also.y23-08-28Aug 28, 2023ElkWA99009sheep
Counsell Club Lambs Sale February 11th at SSP! Lots Posted!n21-02-05Feb 05, 2021OrchardIAsheep
Craig Family Livestock Sires, Winners & Donors!n23-08-01Aug 01, 202348757 44TH STREETPaw PawMI49079sheep
Crazy H Club Lambshttp://www.crazyhclublambs.comUpdated Sires!n15-03-30Mar 30, 2015PO Box 217ShepherdMT59079sheep
Crowder Sheep Farmhttp://www.crowdersheepfarm.comNAILE Winnersn18-12-03Dec 03, 2018315 Longbow StreetSheridanINsheep
Cruit Club Lambshttp://www.cruitclublambs.comNew winner!n20-10-01Oct 01, 20201090 N 1600 ETaylorvilleIL62568sheep
D & L Show Lambshttp://www.dlshowlambs.comMarch 14 Online Sale Preview Posted!n23-03-10Mar 10, 20233280 Houston RdWaynesvilleOH45068sheep
Dale Family Club Lambshttp://www.daleclublambs.comNew 2023 Winnern23-09-08Sep 08, 20233747 200th StBrooklynIA52211sheep
Daniels Club Lambshttp://www.danielsclublambs.comDynamic Divas Lots 23 & 24 sell Saturday in Kingfisher, OK!n23-04-17Apr 17, 20234924 E. Division RdPortlandIN47371sheep
Davis Show Lambs Rams!y23-06-09Jun 09, 202324934 290th St.MaryvilleMO64468sheep
Dee Brothers LLChttp://www.deebrothers.comNew Winners Added!n23-08-22Aug 22, 202327285 Galaxie AvenueFarmingtonMN55124sheep
DeHaan Livestock champion posted!n23-09-11Sep 11, 20236185 COUNTY ROAD 306TaylorMO63471sheep
Deno Livestock 27 Online Sale Lots Posted!n23-02-21Feb 21, 20234055 N. SR 39DanvilleIN46122sheep
DeSpain Club Lambshttp://www.despainclublambs.comNew Winners!n23-09-18Sep 18, 2023PO Box 292HintonOKsheep
Devitt Club Lambs Welsh Corgi Puppies for sale!n22-07-19Jul 19, 20223273 County Road 105Belle CenterOH43310sheep
Diamond C Club Lambs plans to attend THE PARTY in Newton, KS May 26 and 27! Catalog posted on our 'For Sale' page!n23-05-10May 10, 202323534 163rd StLeavenworthKS66048sheep
Diamond C Club Lambs plans to attend THE PARTY in Newton, KS May 26 and 27! Catalog posted on our 'For Sale' page!n23-05-10May 10, 20236487 East FM 41RopesvilleTX79358sheep
Diamond Hatshttp://www.diamondhats.orgJoin us on September 23rd at the National Cowboyand Western Heritage Museum to support Oklahoma’s Ag Youth!6 PM Cocktail Hour, 7 PM Program and Dinner with the auction to follow.n23-09-19Sep 19, 2023OKevents
Diamond X Genetics Sale Dec. 11th at SC Online Salesn22-12-06Dec 06, 20222983 S 300 EMilfordUT84751sheep
Dietz Club Lambshttp://www.dietzclublambs.comSires, Donors & Winners Updated!n23-05-30May 30, 20234379 East Yosemite AvenueMercedCAsheep
Dingels Show Lambshttp://www.dingelsshowlambs.comLot photos posted for March 16th online sale!n16-03-10Mar 10, 2016Redwood FallsMNsheep
Dirlam Shropshireshttp://www.dirlamshropshires.comBRICK - Champion Shrop Ram IN State Fair!n18-08-23Aug 23, 201811673 N. Bethesda Rd.MooresvilleIN46158sheep
Dominion Livestock Open Barn Feb. 18 & 19n23-02-17Feb 17, 202378 Oak Springs LaneStauntonVA24401sheep
Dona Livestock Sale Dates Posted & Many New Winners!n23-02-09Feb 09, 2023125 N. Monkey Rd.GlenrockWY82637sheep
Dorsets N Daylilies 2023 Winners - Dorper Rams For Sale!n23-09-06Sep 06, 20233660 Big B RdZanesvilleOH43701sheep
Doty Club Lambshttp://www.dotyclublambs.comNew 2024 Sires Posted!n23-09-27Sep 27, 202332778 220th StreetMaryvilleMO64468sheepRecent
Double F Club Lambshttp://www.doublefclublambs.comGroup of ewe lambs for sale! Contact Stefan for more details! n23-09-19Sep 19, 20231760 Boonesboro RoadWinchesterKY40391sheep
Dowell Show Lambshttp://www.dowellshowlambs.comNew champions posted!n23-09-18Sep 18, 20237090 Quay Road AITucumcariNM88401sheep
Downs Club Lambs Winners!n17-02-01Feb 01, 20171721 N. AcademySangerCA93657sheep
Dreier-LaRosh Club Lambs New 2023 Winners!n23-06-12Jun 12, 20232714 NW 60thNewtonKS67114sheep
Droppert Club Lambshttp://www.droppertclublambs.comKeep it Real - Fresh & Frozen Semen Availablen23-06-20Jun 20, 20235311 E 124th St SLynnvilleIA50153sheep
Duffey Club Lambshttp://www.duffeyclublambs.comNew Winnersn23-06-20Jun 20, 2023RoswellNMsheep
Dunagan Club Lambs out our Dynamic Divas selling this Saturday in Kingfisher, OK!n23-04-17Apr 17, 20231023 Hwy 1568MonticelloKY42633sheep
DVL Wood Show Stock Posted!n23-04-19Apr 19, 202327428 Robinson RoadHempsteadTX77445sheep
Dynamic Divas 22 - Kingfisher, OK - New Location!n23-04-04Apr 04, 2023El RenoOK73036events
Ebert Sheep Farmhttp://www.ebertsheepfarm.com2020 Sales Information Posted!n20-04-03Apr 03, 202010015 Flush Rd.St. GeorgeKS66535sheep
Echols Club Lambshttp://www.echolsclublambs.comBlackland Blowout - June 13!n15-06-10Jun 10, 2015775 FR 2716CooperTX75432sheep
Eddy County Fair Results Postedn23-08-01Aug 01, 20233402 S. 13th StArtesiaNMevents
Edge Livestock 2023 Winner!n23-08-11Aug 11, 2023819 W State Road 38PendletonIN46064sheep
Edler Family Farm a group on SSP and bidding opens tonight!n22-02-22Feb 22, 20221652 Gerhart AvenueClemonsIA50551sheep
Edwards Club Lambshttp://www.edwardsclublambs.comNew winners, sires, and 2019 sale datesn19-01-24Jan 24, 20191184 Doaks Creek RdSpeedwellTN37870sheep
Ehler Club Lambs Divas Selling Saturday at Dynamic Divas in Kingfisher, OK!n23-04-17Apr 17, 202370421 565 Ave.FairburyNE68352sheep
Ellerbrock Club Lambshttp://www.ellerbrockclublambs.comReserve Grand - NAILEn19-11-20Nov 20, 201913383 E 2000 StreetAtkinsonIL61235sheep
Enfield Club Lambshttp://www.enfieldclublambs.comWinner Update!  n22-11-18Nov 18, 202270902 335th StreetCollinsIA50055sheep
Erickson Family Farm, LLC New 2023 Winner!n23-08-07Aug 07, 2023StewartvilleMNsheep
Erickson Show Stockhttp://www.ericksonshowstock.comNew 2023 Winners Added!n23-08-11Aug 11, 20231940 Quebec AveHardyIA50545sheep
Esmond Club Lambshttp://www.esmondclublambs.comNew Link!n14-07-08Jul 08, 2014525 Skyline DrArgyleTX76226sheep
Estes Show Lambshttp://www.estesshowlambs.comNew Sires Added!n23-05-02May 02, 20239823 E Belmont AveSangerCA93657sheep
ET Livestock Sale Dates Posted & New Winners!n23-02-08Feb 08, 202315761 N AvenueBoutonIA50039sheep
Ewe-Nique Products Yard Art - Lake Geneva, WIy23-01-04Jan 04, 2023products
Ewe-Nique Showstockhttp://www.eweniqueshowstock.comWI made gates for saley23-01-09Jan 09, 2023W4296 Mohawk Rd.Lake GenevaWI53147sheep
Fairley Farmshttp://www.fairleyfarms.comNew Winner!n23-09-22Sep 22, 202345255 313 StreetGayvilleSD57031sheep
Fairwether Club Lambshttp://www.fairwethersuffolks.com2023 Lamb Photos Posted!n23-02-11Feb 11, 202310580 US Hwy 136OrleansNE68967sheep
Fall Upgrade Sale us October 24 at 1pm at the Canadian County Fairgrounds for the 2020 Fall Upgrade Sale!n20-10-20Oct 20, 2020El RenoOK73036events
Farao Club Lambshttp://www.faraoclublambs.comNew Champions posted!n23-09-08Sep 08, 202328803 W Gun Club RoadGustineCA95322sheep
Farrow Hampshireshttp://www.farrowhampshires.comCheck out our new look!n22-06-16Jun 16, 202210706 ECR 120MidlandTX79706sheep
Feller Club Lambshttp://www.fellerclublambs.comFall Born AI/ET Date with Hobbs Club Lambs - May 30!n23-04-17Apr 17, 202315297 Bentonville RdMiltonIN47357sheep
Feuerbach Club Lambshttp://www.feuerbachclublambs.comCheck out our New Look & Updated Sires!n22-12-21Dec 21, 20221443 69th StKeystoneIA52249sheep
Fine Brothers February 27th Online Sale on SC!n23-02-27Feb 27, 20234499 W St. Rt. 41CovingtonOH45318sheep
Finnsheep Breeders Associaton to our 2022 Hall of Fame Inductee Elizabeth Kinne Gossnern23-07-03Jul 03, 2023products
Fischer Club Lambs out our Diva selling this weekend!n22-04-20Apr 20, 202210658 Hacker RdIowa ParkTX76367sheep
Fisher Club Lambshttp://www.fisherlambs.comNew Winners - Fall Borns Coming Soon!n23-09-25Sep 25, 202317555 Hwy 95WilderID83676sheep
Flex Appeal Aksarben Champions!n23-09-28Sep 28, 2023TXproductsRecent
Fontana Club Lambs Winners!y23-07-25Jul 25, 202312635 Hager CtSan MartinCA95046sheep
Formula of Champions Show Feeds Dealers!y23-09-19Sep 19, 2023products
Forsee Southdownshttp://www.forseesouthdowns.comContact us about exciting new buck lamb prospects or semen inquiries!n23-07-24Jul 24, 20231290 Hwy 127 NOwentonKY40359sheep
Foster-McCormick Club Lambs 2023 Bid Board Sale Saturday, April 8th!n23-02-28Feb 28, 20234202 Beaver Run Road SWHebronOH43025sheep
Four Z Club Lambshttp://www.fourzclublambs.comUpdated Email!n21-01-29Jan 29, 202117804 Hwy 62CharlestownIN47111sheep
Fowler Southdownshttp://www.fowlersouthdowns.comUpdated 2022 Sires!n21-08-30Aug 30, 202161035 Gildea Rd.SalesvilleOH43778sheep
FP Livestock Website!n22-10-07Oct 07, 20222740 N 1200 E Rd.AshkumIL60911sheep
Franklin Show Lambshttp://www.franklinshowlambs.comNew Winners Posted!n21-03-08Mar 08, 2021TucumcariNM88401sheep
Franz Farms aged bucks for sale - Arms Race and Clusterluck sonsn18-03-06Mar 06, 201834153 520th Ave.Bingham LakeMN56118sheep
Fraze Show Lambs Winners, New AI Sires, & Keeper Buck Postedn23-08-25Aug 25, 202324183 S US HIGHWAY 281HicoTX76457sheep
Freeman Livestockhttp://www.freemanlivestock.comDynamic Divas Posted! Lot 16 - selling Saturday, April 22 in Kingfisher, OK!n23-04-17Apr 17, 2023768 Century Hills TrailCheyenneWY82007sheep
Freitas-Bianchi Dorset Club Lambshttp://www.freitasbianchidorsets.comStop by the pens while in Reno!n18-05-31May 31, 2018OakdaleCA95361sheep
Frink Show Lambshttp://www.frinkshowlambs.comDiva entries are now posted!n23-04-10Apr 10, 202314367 WCR 80EatonCO80615sheep
Frontier Feeds Apparel Items Added!n23-02-17Feb 17, 20231801 W Nabor AveMarlowOK73055products
G&G Club Lambshttp://www.gngclublambs.comOnline Sale April 10th at Willoughby Sales!n23-04-07Apr 07, 2023PO Box 109HalifaxPA17032sheep
Garrett Goodwin Livestockhttp://www.garrettgoodwinlivestock.comCheck out our Divas selling Saturday!y23-04-18Apr 18, 20231875 S. WESTMINSTER RD.GuthrieOK73044sheep
Genesis Show Lambs 2023 Winner!n23-09-18Sep 18, 202369778 County Road 137MillersburgIN46543sheep
George Brothers Show Lambs 2023 Sires!n23-02-08Feb 08, 2023NilesMI49120sheep
Georgia Club Lamb Associationhttp://www.gaclublamb.comShows Updated!n23-08-28Aug 28, 2023GAproducts
Gerdes Hampshires Sale - May 2 Held at the Lake County Fairgrounds - Madison, South Dakotan15-04-21Apr 21, 201523012 475thMadisonSD57042sheep
Glasscock Club Lambs New Sire Postedn23-09-19Sep 19, 20239200 Highway 84 EastZephyrTX76890sheep
Goedken Livestockhttp://www.goedkenlivestock.comSale lots posted! Winners and new stud rams added!n17-03-10Mar 10, 20173553 Stoffel RdBernardIA52032sheep
Goodwin Club Lambshttp://www.goodwinclublambs.comDynamic Diva Sells Today in Kingfisher!n23-04-22Apr 22, 20238550 W North AvePonca CityOK74601sheep
Gopher Club Lambs females headed to Dynamic Divas in Kingfisher, OK! Check them out Saturday!n23-04-18Apr 18, 202380851 810th AveJacksonMN656143sheep
Gouldie Club Lambs Website!y23-02-24Feb 24, 2023231 11th Ave.InmanKS67546sheep
Gourley Club Lambs Sale Feb 23 @ SSP!n22-02-11Feb 11, 20222970 INKPADUTA AVE.Webster CityIA50595sheep
Greiner Club Lambs New champion posted!n23-09-08Sep 08, 202325517 330th Ave.KeotaIA52248sheep
Grundy County Fair, Iowa for a great 2023 fair! Join us July 15-20, 2024!n23-08-31Aug 31, 2023IAevents
GT Sheep Cohttp://www.gtsheep.comConsignment to NJDA Online Sale Today 3/37 Pics Postedn23-03-07Mar 07, 20233750 Cty Rd 29KennardNE68034sheep
H.E. Smith Pine Shavings HANCOCK & IRVING EASTERN WHITE PINE SHOW SHAVINGSn16-06-14Jun 14, 2016PO Box 703Yarmouth PortMA2675products
Hagen Club Lambs winner pic postedn15-10-26Oct 26, 201513600 Walnut Grove Rd.Walnut GroveCA95690sheep
Hall Club Lambs and Katahdins Sires & Katahdin Females n23-09-08Sep 08, 202323315 CHESTERTOWN ROADCHESTERTOWNMD21620sheep
Halligan Hampshires Updated! 2023 Lambs for sale off the farm beginning March 15th, please call for an appointment!n23-02-24Feb 24, 20239424 Mount Sterling RoadWinchesterKY40391sheep
Hancock Hampshireshttp://www.hancockhampshires.comApril 13th sale lots up on Willoughby, check them out!!n23-04-11Apr 11, 20231255 Estesburg RdEubankKY42567sheep
Harbour Livestockhttp://www.harbourlivestock.comOnline Doe Sale Ends Tonight!n20-04-20Apr 20, 20201005 CR 176GatesvilleTX76528sheep
Harms Show Lambshttp://www.harmsshowlambs.comNew 2024 Sires Posted!n23-07-21Jul 21, 202327638 E 2450 North RoadLexingtonIL61753sheep
Harrell Club Lambshttp://www.joeharrellclublambs.comSires Updatedn22-06-10Jun 10, 202224848 W Gore BlvdIndiahomaOK73552sheep
Harrison Show Lambshttp://www.harrisonshowlambs.comNew Winners!n22-07-26Jul 26, 2022Spring HillKS66083sheep
Hassebrook Show Lambshttp://www.hassebrookshowlambs.comNew Sire - Advanced Technologyn23-06-27Jun 27, 20232192 West Mill RoadRaymondNE68428sheep
Hauger Club Lambshttp://www.haugerclublambs.comOnline Sale April 9th at Willoughby Sales! Winners page updated!n20-04-07Apr 07, 20207287 W. 50 N.ConnersvilleIN47331sheep
Haws Club Lambs Dynamic Diva Consignment Posted!n23-04-19Apr 19, 2023117 Haws CircleBeevilleTX78102sheep
Hays Brothers Club Lambshttp://www.hbclublambs.comBlack & White Consignments Posted! Come by and take a look!n18-04-27Apr 27, 201836350 Cnty Rd 27EatonCO80615sheep
Hays Show Lambs April 1st Sale Photos Added!n23-03-27Mar 27, 20233517 Road 4 SouthPompey PillarsMT59064sheep
HC Showstock winner added!n23-01-19Jan 19, 202310382 E. Township Rd. 106AtticaOH44807sheep
Heartland Youth Show Lamb Circuithttp://www.heartlandyouthshowlambcircuit.comEquipment Fundraiser Online Sale Closes Tonight at SSP!!n18-05-16May 16, 2018products
Heisdorffer Dorsetshttp://www.heisdorfferdorsets.comNew Winners!n22-07-01Jul 01, 202217750 185th AveSigourneyIA52591sheep
Hendrickson Show Lambshttp://www.hendricksonshowlambs.comSires & Donors Updated!n23-01-07Jan 07, 20231090 Kerr RoadBidwellOH45614sheep
Henry Show Lambs Link!n20-02-14Feb 14, 20202514 Clayton Dr.AmesIA50010sheep
Herr Club Lambshttp://www.herrclublambs.comBred Ewe Sale today on ShowStockPlanetn22-11-22Nov 22, 202210875 Moyer RoadCambridge CityIN47327sheep
Herrig Hamps & Southdowns out our sale April 18th at SCO!n23-04-14Apr 14, 2023677 State HwySlaytonMN56172sheep
Hewlett Farms 11th SC online sale now posted.n20-03-06Mar 06, 20204983 E Hwy 160IndependenceKS67301sheep
High Hill Farmshttp://www.highhillclublambs.comHigh Hill Southdown Sale - March 2nd on SCn21-02-26Feb 26, 202120304 High Hill LaneArlingtonNE68002sheep
High Noon Feeds 2023 Champions!n23-09-27Sep 27, 2023productsRecent
HiJo Dorpers Contact Infon20-05-05May 05, 202011800 McCann Rd. AmityOR97101sheep
Hild Brothers Show Stockhttp://www.hildclublambs.comTBSS Champion posted!n23-09-15Sep 15, 20232280 Neely AveWebster CityIA50595sheep
Hill Show Stock & Hoeing/Hill out our new website! Sale info updated!n21-02-04Feb 04, 2021PO Box 228GreensburgIN47240sheep
Hindman Show Lambshttp://www.hindmanshowlambs.comDiva Consignments Posted! Come see us Saturday in Kingfisher, OK!n23-04-19Apr 19, 20231648 640th AveAlbiaIA52531-8861sheep
Hobbs Show Lambshttp://www.hobbsshowlambs.comSALE DAY – Show Ewe Prospect and Breeding Options!n23-08-22Aug 22, 20237428 NW 12thNewtonKS67114sheep
Hodgson Club Lambs & Sires Updated!n22-03-22Mar 22, 20226150 W HARTFORD AVENUEPonca CityOK74601sheep
Homann Livestock Sale - MONDAY!n23-03-10Mar 10, 2023915 County Road 350 EastNeogaIL62447sheep
Home Run Club Lambs New Champions!n23-07-11Jul 11, 20234248 Homer Davis Rd.ShepherdMT59079sheep
Hornecker Livestockhttp://www.horneckerlivestock.comSires & Sale Schedule Updated!n23-03-08Mar 08, 202313200 Garbutt RoadCasperWY82604sheep
Howard Southdownshttp://www.howardsouthdowns.comNew Stud Rams - Check out 7&7 and Clyde!!n23-09-25Sep 25, 202320605 N. PineMulhallOK73063sheep
Howell Club Lambs Lambs have been sold,Ewe Lambs availablen23-08-08Aug 08, 20238582 TownshipLine RoadCelinaOH45822sheep
Hudnut Farms Diva Posted! Sells Saturday in Kingfisher, OK!n23-04-18Apr 18, 20235207 180TH STREETDeep RiverIA52222sheep
Huntrods Club Lambs are up for Online sale #2 on Willoughby Sales March 2.n22-02-28Feb 28, 202273671 305th StCollinsIA50055sheep
Illinois Club Lamb Associationhttp://www.illinoisclublamb.comICLA Spring Jackpot Results Postedn23-07-07Jul 07, 2023products
Image Club Lambshttp://www.imageclublambs.comSires & Winners Updated!n02-10-26Oct 26, 20023113 North AveModestoCA95358sheep
Impact Hampshttp://www.impacthamps.comUpdated Stud Ramsn23-04-03Apr 03, 202317435 Cty Rd WShullsburgWI53586sheep
Indiana Junior Club Lamb Circuit Updated!n23-06-12Jun 12, 2023INproducts
Indiana Stock Showhttp://www.indianastockshow.comExhibitor Consent Form Postedn23-08-14Aug 14, 2023INevents
Industry's Elite is tomorrow at 7pm! Check out the updated catalog!n20-11-23Nov 23, 2020El RenoOK73036events
Integrity Livestock Sales tonight - Forsee Southdowns Bred Ewe Salen22-10-26Oct 26, 2022products
Iowa County Fair Schedulen23-08-17Aug 17, 2023WIevents
Jacobsen Ranchhttp://www.jacobsenranch.comFarm Fresh Lamb Available!n22-12-02Dec 02, 20224379 South Fresno RdLeGrandCA95333sheep
Jahner Lambshttp://www.jahnerlambs.comChampion Slick Sheared Dorset Ram at Louisville!n22-11-15Nov 15, 20221307 2016 PLACEHarveyIA50019sheep
Jason Johnson Show Lambs Updated!n18-05-24May 24, 2018N6196 Johnson RoadDelavanWI53115sheep
JBH Show Lambshttp://www.jbhshowlambs.comNice set of wethers for sale today on Willoughby'sn22-04-06Apr 06, 2022159 Bethel Church RoadEdinburgVA22824sheep
Jeffrey Club Lambshttp://www.jeffreyclublambs.comSummer T-Shirt Sale Going on Now!n23-08-01Aug 01, 20232580 Cty Rd 128CheyenneWY82009sheep
Jimmy Davis Family sires added!n23-09-15Sep 15, 20231204 W ColoradoWaltersOK73572sheep
Joe Hall Club Lambshttp://www.joehallclublambs.comEwes for Sale - Delivery to Louisville available!n14-11-11Nov 11, 2014ClintonTN37716sheep
Johnson Club Lambshttp://www.johnsonclublambs.comNew 2023 Winnern23-09-08Sep 08, 202323274 E 1440 RoadGoteboOK73041sheep
Johnson Family Show Stockhttp://www.johnsonfamilyshowstock.comLate born Show String Ewe Lamb Sale is TODAY on Willoughby Sales! Go see this set, top end show prospects selling!n23-09-27Sep 27, 2023W8602 Kilkenney RdDelavanWI53115sheepRecent
Johnson Show Lambshttp://www.johnsonshowlambs.com2021 Winners Updated!n22-01-17Jan 17, 20221191 S. Wenger Rd.DaltonOH44618sheep
Johnston Club Lambshttp://www.johnstonclublambs.comBred Ewe Sale 10/3!n23-09-18Sep 18, 20234440 Southwest 5th AveNew PlymouthID83655sheep
JRS Livestock Sire - Boomer!n23-05-19May 19, 20233035 280th StreetEllsworthIA50075sheep
Junck Club Lambs New Winners!n23-09-11Sep 11, 202333496 Juniper AveHintonIA51024sheep
Junk/Gray Club Lambshttp://www.junkgrayclublambs.comNew Home of Rule's Straight Outta Compton!!!n23-03-15Mar 15, 20235280 W Eagle Rd.HudsonIA50643sheep
Justin LaRue Show Stockhttp://www.justinlarueshowstock.comNew winners!n21-05-03May 03, 20213761 N 2250 EFilerID83328sheep
Kampen Club Lambshttp://www.kampenclublambs.comNew Winners!n23-09-25Sep 25, 20232076 K RoadHumboldtIA50548sheep
Kansas Sheep Associationhttp://www.kssheep.comUpdated Membershipn23-07-05Jul 05, 2023products
Kaufman Club Lambs Open!n23-02-08Feb 08, 20231383 63rd StDysartIA52224sheep
KB Livestock Show Supplies us on social media! Call, text or email for current pricing and/or place orders!n22-04-11Apr 11, 2022HollisterCA95023products
Keitzer Club Lambs & Sires Updated!n23-08-30Aug 30, 202314901 240th StreetMediapolisIA52637sheep
Kelly Hair Sheep Hill Country Dorper Sale Sept. 7-9, Fredericksburgn23-08-28Aug 28, 202312762 County Road 291ZephyrTX76890sheep
Kendrick Dorsets & Hamps Polled Dorset Stud Ewen23-08-11Aug 11, 2023712 W Third St.VermontIL61484sheep
Kendrick Livestock champions posted!n23-08-31Aug 31, 202321087 County Road 24Fort MorganCO80701sheep
Kennedy Livestockhttp://www.kennedyclublambs.comWinners Updated!n22-10-11Oct 11, 202231615 CHARTER LANEWallerTX77484sheep
Kershner Club Lambs Online Sale April 17th at SC Online Sales!n23-04-14Apr 14, 20233171 KL RoadDavid CityNE68632sheep
King Show Lambs Sire - Gorilla! Call for Semen Availability!n23-04-05Apr 05, 20231417 Busic Church Rd.MarydelMD21649sheep
Klaboe Livestockhttp://www.klaboelivestock.comNew 2017 lambs posted!n17-03-11Mar 11, 201751 Triangle RdMiles CityMT59301sheep
Knepper Farms you to our 2023 Buyers! We look forward to working with you in 2024!y23-08-23Aug 23, 20238424 NE 56th StBondurantIA50035sheep
KNG Show Lambs Winners updated!n23-09-18Sep 18, 20239400 W. Salem Carroll Rd.Oak HarborOH43449sheep
Kolbet Club Lambs & Reproductive Services Sale Tuesday, June 6th! Mystery sells on America's Top 20 June 8th! Call to book LAI dates today - openings posted!n23-06-02Jun 02, 20231756 140th Street RuddIA50471sheep, products
Kouns Livestockhttp://www.kounslivestock.comUpdated Sires & Goats!n21-10-22Oct 22, 2021SeymourTXsheep
Kuykendall Custom Fittinghttp://www.kuykendallcustomfitting.comLouisville Winners Postedn22-12-16Dec 16, 202212322 Dahl LaneRichland CenterWI53581sheep
Lambright Club Lambshttp://www.lambrightclublambs.comNew Winners!n23-08-18Aug 18, 20231420N 675WShipshewanaIN46565sheep
Larry Book Livestockhttp://www.larrybooklivestock.comNew cattle winners!n23-01-25Jan 25, 202314777 South US HWY 87Van CourtTX76955sheep
Lauden Acres Sire - Smoke N' Gunn23-02-21Feb 21, 2023559 Flying Eagle RdDalmatiaPA17017sheep
Lauhoff Show Lambs Updated!n23-08-29Aug 29, 20238221 LIV 239CHILLICOTHEMO64601sheep
Leader Dorsetshttp://www.leaderdorsets.comNew Champion!n19-03-19Mar 19, 20196332 North 400 WestCrawfordsvilleCrawfordsvilleIN47933sheep
Lee Club Lambs in Baggs, WYn16-03-11Mar 11, 2016BaggsWY82321sheep
Leggett's You Gotta Believe Livestock Camps Stay Tuned for the 2024 Camp Schedule! n23-08-17Aug 17, 2023products
Leininger Club Lambshttp://www.leiningerclublambs.comMature ewes for sale - Give Thad a call!n19-07-05Jul 05, 20198370 W 100 SAkronIN46910sheep
Lents Livestock Sale Dates and Sires Posted! n22-02-28Feb 28, 2022Columbus JunctionIA52738sheep
Lillehaugen Farms Website!n21-04-29Apr 29, 20215427 115TH AVENUE NEBROCKETND58321sheep
Linn Grove Club Lambshttp://www.linngrovecl.comNew 2023 Winners!n23-08-09Aug 09, 202322551 160th AveMediapolisIA52637sheep
Little BO Sheep Dynamic Divas Posted!n23-04-17Apr 17, 2023570 Ranch CourtCheyenneWY82007sheep
Little Hooves Romneys website - check out our new look!y23-02-03Feb 03, 2023510 Centerton Rd. MoorestownNJ8057sheep
Livestock Risk Services, Inc. agents covering all of Oklahoma!n22-08-25Aug 25, 20222501 Exchange Ave, Suite 130Oklahoma CityOK73108products
Long Club Lambs Winners Added!n22-02-22Feb 22, 20223540 S. Vernal Ave.VernalUT84078sheep
Long Livestockhttp://www.longlivestock1.comOklahoma Corp, Black and White and Diva entries now posted. Check them out!n19-04-23Apr 23, 2019VernalUT84078sheep
Longenecker Show Stock & Southdown Sires Updated!n23-02-01Feb 01, 2023125 HEISEY ROADAnnvillePA17003sheep
M&E Club Lambshttp://www.mandeclublambs.comNew 2023 Winner!n23-01-29Jan 29, 20235061 Johnson Muscatine Rd SEWest LibertyIA52766sheep
MacCauley Suffolkshttp://www.maccauleysheep.comOhio Showcase Lot Posted - Don't miss Lot 1077 Slick Yearling Ewen23-05-08May 08, 20234333 Steelville RoadAtglenPA19310sheep
MacLennan Club Lambshttp://www.maclennanclublambs.comNew 2021 Winnern21-09-08Sep 08, 20218200 Behrens RdByersCO80103sheep
Maddox Southdownshttp://www.maddoxsouthdowns.net2023 Midwest Stud Ram Sale Champion Ewe & Ram!n23-08-24Aug 24, 202323754 Hwy 47ThomasOK73669sheep
Mainline Show Stock Sale Schedule postedn23-01-03Jan 03, 20231668 Apple rdSt. ParisOH43072sheep
Majors Show Lambshttp://www.majorsshowlambs.comPlease stop by and visit us at the sale on May 13!n23-05-11May 11, 202317864 Couper RdMilanMI48160sheep
Maki & Smith Farms three Valais Blacknose in Reno, Check them out on our For Sale page!n23-05-23May 23, 2023WAsheep
Manthei Show Stockhttp://www.mantheishowstock.comOnline Sale April 11th at Willoughby Sales!n23-04-10Apr 10, 202323054 US Hwy 71SanbornMN56438sheep
Mark Smith Farms set of Crias for sale!n22-01-21Jan 21, 20221925 East 800 NorthCrawfordsvilleIN47933sheep
Marx Genetics Ewe and Open Ewe Lamb Sale - Oct 24 - SC - Lots postedn21-10-20Oct 20, 2021401 Hickory St.BotkinsOH45306sheep
Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fairhttp://www.masheepwool.org2023 Results Postedn23-06-20Jun 20, 202397 Fairgrounds RdCummingtonMA1026events
Massey Show Lamb Camphttp://www.masseyshowlambcamp.com2023 Dates Posted!n23-01-13Jan 13, 20233711 Sun Valley EstatesVan BurenAR72956products
Mattingly Livestock/Crossroads Landscaping Photos Updated!n22-05-18May 18, 2022sheep
Mattingly Sheep Companyhttp://www.mattinglysheepco.comCheck out lot 64 on the Divas Sale!n23-04-21Apr 21, 20233350 E. 850 NorthLebanonIN46052sheep
Mavencamp Livestock Winners & Sires!n23-05-31May 31, 2023305 Spring Cove Rd.BlissID83314sheep
May Valley Club Lambshttp://www.mayvalleyclublambs.comWether sale closing TONIGHT at SSP! Check them out!n20-03-09Mar 09, 2020561 Hatchery RoadGrottoesVA24441sheep
Maye Club Lambshttp://www.mayeclublambs.comVictory Lamb & Goat Clinic June 21-23, 2023!n23-03-29Mar 29, 2023207 Polk 30HatfieldAR71945sheep
Mayo Club Lambshttp://www.mayoclublambs.comNO CAP! Sells tonight on America’s Top 20!n23-06-08Jun 08, 20231844 McDonald AveLive OakCA95953sheep
McCauslin Club Lambs New sire - War Paint!n23-07-24Jul 24, 202312425 Liv 224ChillicotheMO64601sheep
McCoy Show Lambshttp://www.mccoyshowlambs.comGoldendoodle Puppies Available!n23-09-05Sep 05, 2023PerrysvilleOH44864sheep
McCurry Club Lambs New 2023 Winnersn23-06-20Jun 20, 2023200 Tillery Rd.PerrinTX76486sheep
McGolden Club Lambs Diva Consignment Posted!n23-04-21Apr 21, 2023StillwaterOKsheep
McIlrath Club Lambs set of bucks for sale!n22-08-18Aug 18, 20223259 Sanford Ave.LaurelIA50141sheep
McIntire Show Lambs Thanks to Debra Kollitz Missouri for her purchase of Lager!n23-05-15May 15, 20233111 Zebulon AveSomersIA50586sheep
McKinney Show Stock Sires & 2023 Winners!n23-06-09Jun 09, 202373349 260TH ST.ColoIA50056sheep
McVicker Club Lambs Updated!n21-12-13Dec 13, 202118454 Illinois Highway 82GeneseoIL61254sheep
Meinders Stock Farmhttp://www.meindersstockfarmpolypays.comWe had an outstanding crowd for the Meinders Stock Farms 2023 Spring Sale! Thank you to all the buyers, bidders, and all who came out! We are so grateful for your support and confidence in our program!n23-05-08May 08, 20233605 230 Ave.Buffalo CenterIA50424cattle
Meiwes Club Lambshttp://www.meiwesclublambs.comNew Sire - Cookie Monster!n22-10-05Oct 05, 2022EarthTX79031sheep
Men of Influence your calendars for the Men of Influence Sale April 23rd in El Reno, OK!n22-02-08Feb 08, 2022El RenoOK73036events
Mennen Club Lambshttp://www.mennenclublambs.comNew Sires!n21-03-01Mar 01, 20213188 E County Rd 500 SWaltonIN46994sheep
Metro Hamps - Rupnow Hamps Club Lambshttp://www.wisconsinshowlambs.comOnline female sale today at Show Stock Planet.  Yearlings and lambs sell!n22-05-05May 05, 2022W460 Sydo RoadColumbusWI53925sheep
Michel Sheep Farmhttp://www.michelsheepfarm.comOnline Sale Today, March 13th, at Willoughby Sales!n23-03-13Mar 13, 20237959 8C RoadPlymouthINsheep
Michigan Club Lamb Associationhttp://www.michcla.comFuturity Points Postedn23-07-08Jul 08, 2023products
Michigan Junior Livestock Societyhttp://www.michiganjrlivestocksociety.comUpdated Board of Directorsn23-08-03Aug 03, 2023products
Michigan Livestock Expohttp://www.milivestock.comSale-Abration Sale is Wednesday at the Crowne Plaza West"n23-06-13Jun 13, 2023events
Mickelson Club Lambshttp://www.mickelsonclublambs.comOnline Sale Tonight at Willoughby Sales! Sires & Winners Updated!n22-05-24May 24, 20221764 Bodega Ave.PetalumaCA94952sheep
Middlesworth Club Lambs New 2023 Winners!n23-09-18Sep 18, 202318331 175th AveFremontIA52561sheep
Midwest Stud Ram Salehttp://www.midwestsale.comSale results now posted!n21-07-15Jul 15, 20212503 W 16th StSedaliaMO65301events
Mike Cummings Hampshires For Sale!n21-08-17Aug 17, 202131006 68th Ave. NWStanwoodWA98292sheep
Milder Bros. Show Lambs 2022 Sires & Updated Winnersn21-09-02Sep 02, 202124063 165TH STREETColumbus JunctionIA52738sheep
Miller Brothers Southdowns Sires and Sedalia entries posted including our Reserve champion Southdown Ewen22-06-16Jun 16, 2022108 Eastwood Dr.EstellineSD57234sheep
Miller Farms of South Dakotahttp://www.millerfarmsofsd.comUpdated 2021 Sires!n20-12-15Dec 15, 2020BruceSD57220sheep
Miller Hampshireshttp://www.millerhampshires.comBuck Lambs For Sale - Videos are up on websiten17-04-06Apr 06, 2017HCR 4 Box 16SeagravesTX79359sheep
Milstead Club Lambs Updated!y23-09-07Sep 07, 20232613 Bardsha Rd.CastaliaOH44824sheep
Minnesota Junior Livestock Association Show Added!n18-08-09Aug 09, 2018MNproducts
Mishler Club Lambshttp://www.mishlerfamilygenetics.comCheck out our Premier Bred Ewe Sale Consignment selling Friday, November 11th!n22-11-07Nov 07, 20225130 W 300 NShipshewanaIN46565sheep
Missouri Club Lamb Breeders Associationhttp://www.moclublambs.comJudges & Show Flyer Updated!n23-05-30May 30, 2023products
Molitor Club Lambs Updated!n23-08-30Aug 30, 202342433 155TH AVE. HOLDINGFORDMN56340sheep
Montadale Sheep Breeders Association Elite Female Sale Oct. 8th at Integrity- Entries Due Sept. 27thn23-09-18Sep 18, 2023products
Moore Livestock winners added!n22-11-21Nov 21, 20222485 SCR 102SonoraTX76950sheep
Morrical Show Lambs See us Saturday in Kingfisher, OK, at Dynamic Divas!n23-04-19Apr 19, 20231865 Greene Ave.ClarionIA50525sheep
Moser Club Lambshttp://www.moserclublambs.comNew 2022 Sires Posted!n21-09-01Sep 01, 202115534 320th AveGarden GroveIA50103sheep
Mountain View Farm Club Lambs House Weekend - Feb 12th!n22-02-02Feb 02, 202252 Mountain View Rd.Sweet SpringsWV24941sheep
MSB Show Lambshttp://www.msbshowlambs.comNew Winners!!n22-05-13May 13, 2022238 Busy LaneNew WilmingtonPA16142sheep
Mullikin Club Lambshttp://www.mullikinclublambs.comOnline Ewe Lamb Sale March 3rd at SC Online Sales!n23-03-01Mar 01, 20234263 US 62MaysvilleKY41056sheep
Musick Show Stock Updated!n22-06-06Jun 06, 202218880 Quaker Rd.HarveyvilleKS66431sheep
MWD Club Lambshttp://www.mwdclublambs.comNew Winners!n23-06-27Jun 27, 20237438 Demello LaneVacavilleCA95688sheep
N&H Livestock Winners Updated!n23-02-01Feb 01, 202344756 531st AvenueCourtlandMN56021sheep
Nathan Club Lambshttp://www.nathanclublambs.comBred Ewe Sale Posted on SC Online Salesn20-11-24Nov 24, 2020PO Box 177HoskinsNE68740sheep
National Cattledog Association Results Postedn23-09-25Sep 25, 2023products
National Lincoln Sheep Breeders Associaiton Meeting Minutes Postedn23-05-08May 08, 2023sheep
National Livestock Livestock Awards $90,000 in Academic Scholarshipsn23-04-12Apr 12, 20232501 Exchange AvenueOklahoma CityOK73108products
Neff Livestockhttp://www.nefflivestock.comCongratulations to our new winners!n23-09-08Sep 08, 2023945 BUFFALO LANESan AngeloTX76901sheep
Netzke Club Lambs New 2023 Winners!n23-06-08Jun 08, 202324669 200th St.LambertonMN56152sheep
Newsom Livestock Mexico State Fair champions posted!n23-09-20Sep 20, 2023681 County Road D 27PlainviewTX79072sheep
Nicewonger Club Lambs champion posted!n23-09-08Sep 08, 20236706 Lon Dale Rd.OakdaleCA95361sheep
Nickle Club Lambs updated!n23-01-29Jan 29, 2023607 Park Ave.HillsboroIN47949sheep
Nickles Show Stock Ewe Sale & New Buck Info Now Posted!n23-09-25Sep 25, 20238137 SOUTH STATE ROUTE 67SycamoreOH44882sheep
Niemann Club Lambshttp://www.niemannclublambs.comNew winners added!n22-11-09Nov 09, 202258315 878 RoadNewcastleNE68757sheep
North American Suffolk Sheep Society Jr. & Sr. Members!y23-09-15Sep 15, 2023sheep
North Dakota Junior Points Show Association Pointsy23-09-11Sep 11, 2023497 34th StNew SalemND58563products
Northern Oklahoma College Sheep Center Sire "Double Tap" Postedn23-03-31Mar 31, 2023sheep, products
Northern Starr Livestock Services out our Dynamic Divas selling Saturday!n23-04-19Apr 19, 20239426 Jacobson Trl.LonsdaleMN55046sheep
Norwood Club Lambshttp://www.norwoodclublambs.comUpdated Sires!n19-03-13Mar 13, 20196448 E HWY 144HARDINSBURGKY40143sheep
Novel Designshttp://www.thenoveldesigns.comOur popular gift card special is back! 25% Bonus Add on to all gift certificates purchased by December 31st!n22-12-23Dec 23, 2022products
Obsession Show Stock born Dorset Ram available privatelyn23-09-23Sep 23, 202313060 N. Meridian Rd.N. ManchesterIN46962sheep
OKC West Livestock Market Website!n22-06-06Jun 06, 20227200 US Rte 66El RenoOK73036products
Oklahoma Youth Expohttp://www.okyouthexpo.comBook your OYE Hotel today!n23-08-22Aug 22, 2023OKevents
OSIA-OSWP-LEADhttp://www.ohiosheep.orgSatewide Sheep Production Tour Registration Now Openn23-09-06Sep 06, 2023products
Ott Club Lambshttp://www.ottclublambs.comSires Updated!n23-03-06Mar 06, 2023RR2 Box 41FairviewOK73737sheep
Outlaw Hamps Updated!n23-02-11Feb 11, 202317392 HWY JJ ChillicotheMO64601sheep
Overman Club Lambshttp://www.overmanclublambs.comWinners Updated!n23-03-03Mar 03, 202312370 WCR 78EatonCO80615sheep
Owens Family Club Lambs Elite Consignments Posted!n23-03-21Mar 21, 20234877 Harrison CenterVan WertOH45891sheep
Owens Show Lambshttp://www.owensshowlambs.comCongratulations to our new winners!n23-09-25Sep 25, 2023WallsburgUT84082sheep
Pacific Showcase Showcase Spotlight - Alia Rodgersn22-05-06May 06, 2022products
Pagliaro-Bohan Club Lambshttp://www.pagliaro-bohanclublambs.comNew Champion posted!n23-09-08Sep 08, 20232187 Welzel LaneSonomaCA95476sheep
Parker Farms Winners Updatedn22-01-21Jan 21, 20228109 West Shelby 500 SouthFranklinIN46131sheep
Patton Club Lambs Updated!n22-09-13Sep 13, 2022320 Gordon Hill RoadWaynesburgPA15370sheep
Paulson Club Lambshttp://www.paulsonclublambs.comOnline sale Starts TODAY on SC Online Sales, go check this set out!n23-03-01Mar 01, 20239366 Yurek Rd.PulaskiWI54162sheep
Penfold Livestock Updated!n22-08-14Aug 14, 202210856 S. 3rd St Rd.RobinsonTX76706sheep
Pennsylvania Youth Livestock Expo Tentative Schedule Postedn23-06-09Jun 09, 2023PAevents
Performance Feed & Seeds Winners!n23-09-25Sep 25, 20231379 Township Road 1353AshlandOH44805products
Petersen Club Lambshttp://www.petersenclublambs.comWest Coast Club Lamb Sale - April 8n23-03-31Mar 31, 2023710 N Thompson RdNipomoCA93444sheep
Pines End Natural Coloreds you to our online sale buyers & bidders!n23-04-19Apr 19, 202320291 438th AveErwinSD57233sheep
Pioneer Showdown Show Information Updated!n23-04-05Apr 05, 2023WIevents
Pirtle Farmshttp://www.pirtlefarms.comLate Born Sale - Sept 11n22-09-09Sep 09, 2022397271 W 400 RdCopanOK74022sheep
Plank Sheep Co.http://www.planksheepco.com2022 Winners Updated!n22-11-23Nov 23, 20225184 East State Road 218WaltonIN46994sheep
Platinum Shelton Livetock Winners!y23-09-08Sep 08, 202351014 M40MarcellusMI49067sheep
Poe Hampshireshttp://www.poehamps.comUpdated Linkn16-06-07Jun 07, 20162213 W St Rd 144FranklinIN46131sheep
Poling Club Lambshttp://www.polingclublambs.comNew 2020 Champion!n20-02-19Feb 19, 2020727 Still Pond RoadColumbiaTN38401sheep
Potter's Emmett Valley Ranchhttp://www.cattleandsheep.com8 Fall lambs sell tonight on wlivestock.comn18-01-11Jan 11, 20183740 County Line RoadEmmettID83617sheep
Powell Creek Club Lambs board sale Saturday March 4th on our December lambs! Best set we have ever offered!March 5th online ewe lamb sale at wlivestock ! Selling a very nice set of ewe lambs!n23-02-25Feb 25, 2023VersaillesOH45380sheep
Powercat Club Lambshttp://www.powercatclublambs.comNew sires added!n21-09-07Sep 07, 20217234 Tuttle Creek BlvdManhattenKS66503sheep
Prairieland Farms 'Downs Elite Online Sale April 25th at Integrity - Lots Postedy23-04-23Apr 23, 202320609 422nd. Ave.AlexandraiSD57311sheep
Precision Feed Technologies, LLChttp://www.gutcandy.comNew Winner!n23-08-21Aug 21, 2023products
Presidential Livestockhttp://www.presidentiallivestock.comNew Sire!n19-02-08Feb 08, 20193504 Martin RdShullsburgWI53586sheep
Pruitt Livestock 2022 Winners! n22-01-14Jan 14, 20221789 HCR 3102HillsboroTX76645sheep
Prunty/Dyer Club Lambshttp://www.pruntydyerclublambs.comNew 2022 Champion!n22-08-30Aug 30, 20222078 Newton RdCorydonIA50060sheep
Pumphrey Show Lambs Sire "Outsider" Now Posted!n22-05-09May 09, 2022Walla WallaWA99362sheep
Purple Circle September Issue Postedn23-09-21Sep 21, 2023products
RCR Show Lambshttp://www.rcrshowlambs.comOnline Sale Today at SC Online Sales!n22-04-13Apr 13, 20225714 100th StreetGlencoeMN55336sheep
Red Dirt Geneticshttp://www.reddirtgenetics.comDynamic Diva Posted! Sells tomorrow in Kingfisher!n23-04-21Apr 21, 2023Route 1 Box 57KingfisherOK73750sheep
Reynolds Club Lambs Sale March 16th at SCO! Photos and sale link posted on our sale page!n23-03-14Mar 14, 20237501 Burtnett Rd.GambierOH43022sheep
Riecke Club Lambs champions posted!n23-08-30Aug 30, 202310209 E 200 SAvillaIN46710sheep
Rincker Show Stockhttp://www.rinckershowstock.comUpdated!n23-04-11Apr 11, 20231703 N. Lowell RdSt. JohnsMI48879sheep
Ritz Club Lambshttp://www.ritzclublambs.comFeb 26 & 27 Online Sale Links Posted!n23-02-23Feb 23, 20231748 N CR 600 WBrownstownIN47720sheep
River's Edge Club Lambs Website!y23-03-26Mar 26, 20231203 290thEagle GroveIA50533sheep
Riverbend Southdownshttp://www.riverbendsouthdowns.comReserve AOB Mid-State Fair!n14-09-02Sep 02, 20145619 Chico AvenueKingsburyCA96361sheep
Riverwood Farmshttp://www.riverwoodfarms.comComplete Dorper Dispersal, May 29th at Noon - Sale Order Now Postedn21-05-27May 27, 20211000 West Powell RoadPowellOH43065sheep
Rockin C Farmshttp://www.rockincfarmstx.comSupreme Ewe in Reno!n23-06-04Jun 04, 2023851 FM 179TahokaTX79373sheep
Rockin' Shttp://www.rockinslambs.comFarm Sale May 18th!n19-05-15May 15, 2019Route 3 Box 90HennesseyOK73742sheep
Rookstool Show Stock out our new website!n20-12-29Dec 29, 20209377 Broderick Rd.WamegoKS66547sheep
Rowe Club Lambs winner!n21-10-06Oct 06, 20217155 Correll Maxey Rd.LondonOH43140sheep
RP Winning Technologies your supplements today!n23-09-06Sep 06, 2023824 Parkhill St.ColusaCA95932products
RSG Nutrition Performance + now avaalbe in 4lb bagsn23-08-11Aug 11, 20232590 N 500 ELEBANONIN46052products
RSG Sireshttp://www.rsgsires.comUpdated Siresn23-09-27Sep 27, 20232590 N 500 ELebanonIN46052productsRecent
RSO Livestockhttp://www.rsolivestock.comIowa State Fair Show & Sale Lots Postedn21-08-10Aug 10, 20213769 Little Wall Lake RdStory CityIA50428sheep
Rule Colorado Club Lambs Updated!n22-11-08Nov 08, 202243200 Washington County Road P.5AkronCO80720sheep
Rule Sheep Companyhttp://www.rulesheep.comClick To Claim Semen Sale October 2nd at SCn23-09-19Sep 19, 2023HawardenIA51023sheep
Rule Supplements't miss year round savings with our Cyber Monday Sale!n21-11-29Nov 29, 2021products
Ryan Club Lambshttp://www.ryanclublambs.comNew Sire - Selection Sunday!n23-04-29Apr 29, 20233320 Crissey RdMonclovaOH43542sheep
Sacred Silence Farm Champions!n19-08-19Aug 19, 20196775 NW 21st St.OcalaFL34482sheep
Sage Hills Livestockhttp://www.sagehillslivestock.comSale day at Sage Hills Show lambs. You will have to use this link to view lots and bid online. 28, 202311375 W. 10400 N.TremontonUT84337sheep
Sager Livestock Winners Updated!n23-01-03Jan 03, 202313933 NCR 3040LINDSAYOK73052sheep
Salinas Show Lambs Winner Added!n23-07-31Jul 31, 20238402 15 Mile RoadEvartMI49631sheep
Sampson Sheephttp://www.sampsonsheep.comNew champions posted!n23-09-08Sep 08, 2023PO Box 115GazelleCA96034sheep
Sark Club Lambshttp://www.sarkclublambs.comNew 2022 Winners!n23-01-04Jan 04, 202313133 CR 40GoshenIN46528sheep
Saum Show Stock To Claim Sale March 15th & 16th! Online Sale March 16th!n23-03-14Mar 14, 20234101 Chewalla RdRamerTN38367sheep
Saylor Auction Serviceshttp://www.saylorauctions.comWinegardner Auction, Lakeview, OH - Sat. Oct. 12th - Absolute auction of older farm equipment - photos & sale bill postedn19-09-30Sep 30, 201919570 County Rd 75Belle CenterOH43310products
SC Online Saleshttp://www.sconlinesales.comClosing today - Diamond C, RSG Sires, Burch, Epperly/Stanish, "Break the Internet"n22-11-28Nov 28, 2022products
Scarlet Acres Livestockhttp://www.scarletacreslivestock.comUpdated Sires - Bringing 2 Crossbred ewe lambs to Midwest Elite!n23-03-22Mar 22, 202308372 Glynwood RoadWapakonetaOH45895sheep
Schaal Club Lambshttp://www.schaalclublambs.comNew Winners!n22-12-09Dec 09, 20222684 E 900 AveFarinaIL62838sheep
Schlegel Club Lambs to our new 2023 winners!n23-08-08Aug 08, 202314820 Branston Ct.Morgan HillCA95037sheep
Schmillen Show Lambs February 19th Sale Link Posted!n23-02-14Feb 14, 20235582 F AveMarcusIA51035sheep
Schminke Genetics Lamb champions posted!n23-09-21Sep 21, 20236641 24th AveVan HorneIA52346sheep
Schmitz Club Lambshttp://www.schmitzclublambs.comFor Sale Page Updated!n23-07-05Jul 05, 202311467 W. 76th St NRhodesIA50234sheep
Schoelerman Suffolks & Downs Stud Rams Updatedn19-08-13Aug 13, 20193685 140th AveEverlyIA51338sheep
Schrock Hampshires & Club Lambshttp://www.schrockhampshires.comUpdated Sires and Winnersn20-09-03Sep 03, 2020213 ReabaCongervilleIL61729sheep
Select Livestock Services you to the consignors, buyers & bidders for a tremendous sale! - Complete Sale Results Postedn23-05-18May 18, 202319570 County Rd 75Belle CenterOH43310products
Sexton Show Lambs Link!n20-08-21Aug 21, 202016430 CR 39SterlingCO80751sheep
SFI Supplementshttp://www.sfisupplements.comShow Shake Back in Stock!n22-05-31May 31, 2022products
Shady Hill Farms Sires Page!n23-07-17Jul 17, 202311497 Music StreetNewburyOH44065sheep
Shamrock Farms Website!n19-08-05Aug 05, 2019181 Mill LaneStauntonVA24401sheep
Sharpton Club Lambshttp://www.sharptonclublambs.comThank you for a great sale! Our next sale is March 20th on SC!n23-02-27Feb 27, 20237039 Deep Well RdBryanTX77808sheep
Shear Genius Training Videos!n23-01-13Jan 13, 2023706 S OAK GROVE RD.CushingOK74023products
Shell Club Lambshttp://www.shellclublambs.comWinners updated!n22-10-18Oct 18, 20226109 N. Westpoint RdGlencoeOK74032sheep
Shellhouse Livestock Companyhttp://www.shellhouselivestock.comMay 8th Sale Lots Posted!n23-05-05May 05, 20232748 US Hwy 42 SDelawareOH43015sheep
Shobert's Feed Supplements in an Oklahoma get your products stocked up !! Call for delivery details n23-04-18Apr 18, 2023products
ShowStockPlanet Online Sales Show Lambs "Girls Night Out" Online Ewe Lamb Sale CLOSES TONIGHT at SSP!n23-02-14Feb 14, 2023products
Shroyer Show Stockhttp://www.shroyershowstock.comOnline Yearling Ewe & Break The Internet Semen Sale, Sunday, June 11thn23-06-08Jun 08, 20233296 TR 35De GraffOH43318sheep
Shuck Show Lambshttp://www.shuckshowlambs.comSmall group of ewes and ewe lambs for sale. Call Jason for details.n21-11-22Nov 22, 20218330 S 300 WGenevaIN46740sheep
Sickels Club Lambs New Goat champions posted!n23-06-29Jun 29, 2023268 W. 600 S.WinchesterIN47394sheep
Sidwell Show Sheephttp://SidwellShowSheep.comCheck out our new look and upcoming sale schedule!n22-02-11Feb 11, 2022GillCO80624sheep
Silver Smith Geneticshttp://www.silversmithgenetics.comNew Sire Posted!n23-02-06Feb 06, 20232673 RD K EmporiaKS66801sheep
Silvers Livestockhttp://www.silverslivestock.comWinners & Sires Updated!n22-03-22Mar 22, 2022525 Tillman Ranch Rd.JunctionTX76849sheep
Simms Club Lambshttp://www.simmsclublambs.comMO Club Lamb Consignments Posted - Bidding Ends Tonight!n15-03-23Mar 23, 2015Pleasant HillMO64080sheep
Simpson Livestockhttp://www.simpsonlivestock.comCheck out our lots on America’s Top 20 tonight @ wlivestock!n23-06-08Jun 08, 202320727 WCR 84AultCO80610sheep
Sink Southdownshttp://www.sinksouthdowns.com2023 Sale Dates Posted!n23-02-07Feb 07, 202311172 E St. Rd. 38KirklinIN46050sheep
Skidgel Club Lambshttp://www.skidgelclublambs.comUpdated Sires!n23-02-27Feb 27, 202348651 S. 344 Rd.PawneeOK73061sheep
Slack Suffolks & Club Lambshttp://www.slacksuffolks.comWebsite updated!n21-03-19Mar 19, 20211022 W. 1300 N.North ManchesterIN46962sheep
Slick Club Lambs to our new winners!n23-06-29Jun 29, 202310401 South St. Rd 227LynnIN47355sheep
Sloan Club Lambshttp://www.sloanclublambs.comNew Sire "Flint" n23-08-25Aug 25, 20234944 Ganges 5-Pts RdShelbyOH44875sheep
Smith Show Stock Online Sale January 29th at Willoughby Sales!n23-01-26Jan 26, 20232969 W 1250 SKentlandIN47951sheep
Smithwick Club Lambs are posted for our July 22nd online sale at SConline. This sale will replace our annual July live auctionn23-07-22Jul 22, 20237381 Schneider RdMilesTX76861sheep
Snell Club Lambshttp://www.snellclublambs.comGroup of Ewes & Ewe Lambs For Sale -  Exposed to Say When Son!n23-06-30Jun 30, 20233818 258th AveDecorahIA52101sheep
Sonrise Acres out our consignment to the 2022 American Junior Southdown Spring Spectacular Sale Monday, April 11th, 2022 hosted by Integrity Sales!n22-04-04Apr 04, 20221101 Muir Station Rd.LexingtonKY40516sheep
Southern New Mexico State Fairhttp://www.snmstatefairgrounds.netGeneral Livestock Rules Updatedn23-09-22Sep 22, 2023events
Southern Oklahoma Livestock Auction Our Team!n23-05-23May 23, 202314020 County Rd 3530AdaOK74820products
Southern Plains Geneticshttp://www.southernplainsgenetics.comWinners updated!n23-04-17Apr 17, 202317266 SW Woodlawn RdCacheOK73527sheep
Spaulding Club Lambs updated!n23-08-28Aug 28, 20233230 N. Craycroft RoadTucsonAZ85712sheep
Sponaugle Livestock Sires & Winners - 2019 Sales Schedule Postedn19-03-20Mar 20, 2019109 Jerusalem Chapel RdChurchvilleVA24421sheep
Sprouse Family Club Lambs For Sale!n23-06-01Jun 01, 2023KeotaIA52248sheep
Star Dust Sheep Farmhttp://www.stardustfarm.comNew Winner!n22-10-20Oct 20, 20222444 250th StLincolnvilleKS66858sheep
Steva Robinson Show Stockhttp://www.stevarobinson.comOnline Bred Ewe Sale - October 22. Join us Saturday, October 21st for our Live Preview - Shrimp Boil, College Football Game Watch/Tailgate Party, Banner Presentation, Load & Go Pen and Bred Ewe Sale Sheep on Display! BRED EWE SALE SEASON KICKS OFF HERE!n23-09-16Sep 16, 202328019 County Rd XXBelmontWI53510sheep
Still Club Lambshttp://www.stillclublambs.com2023 Sale Dates & Updated Sires Addedn23-02-10Feb 10, 20234831 165th StCushingIA51018sheep
Stillwell Club Lambshttp://www.stillwellclublambs.comNew 2023 Winners!n23-09-18Sep 18, 20233045 S 100 EFrankfortIN46041sheep
Stitzlein Club Lambshttp://www.stitzlein.com2023 Sale Dates Posted!n23-02-08Feb 08, 2023797 County Rd 1754AshlandOH44805sheep
StockVets LLChttp://stockvets.comYour Source For Small Ruminant Reproductive Servicesn23-07-10Jul 10, 20235280 W 100SRensselaerIN47978products
Storms Hampshires to our new winners!n23-07-25Jul 25, 2023859 WASHBURN RDWashburnIL61570sheep
Stornetta Club Lambshttp://www.stornettaclublambs.comHenderson County jackpot winner posted!n23-07-08Jul 08, 20234901 Gravenstein Hwy. NorthSebastopolCA95472sheep
Strube Livestockhttp://www.strubelivestock.comNew Winner Pictures Addedn19-02-25Feb 25, 2019VancourtTX76957sheep
Sturdy Post Ranch For Balance Online Sale June 1stn23-05-17May 17, 20232344 30th Ave.WardSD57026sheep
Suddeth Lamb Companyhttp://www.suddethlamb.comCorp lots posted - Check out these two sellin Friday night in Chickasha!n23-04-21Apr 21, 202321550 County Road OMineral PointWI53565sheep
Sugar Creek Club Lambs Sire!n23-06-28Jun 28, 202310100 E. Lincoln Hwy.BlufftonOH45817sheep
Sumner Club Lambshttp://www.sumnerclublambs.comNew Winners!n19-03-04Mar 04, 2019685 Iron Ridge RdRocky MountVA24151sheep
Sunrise Sheep Company, Sale Information & Winners Updated!n21-01-08Jan 08, 202113736 Lambuth RdOakdaleCA95361sheep
Swanton Show Stock out what we are bringing to Des Moines for the Main Event!n23-03-16Mar 16, 20231791 360th Ave.Goose LakeIA52750sheep
Sydell, Inc. Link!n20-01-13Jan 13, 202046935 SD Hwy. 50BurbankSD57010products
TDK Geneticshttp://www.tdkgenetics.comMain Event Consignment Photos Posted!n23-03-17Mar 17, 20231705 Irvingston RoadLuVerneIA50560sheep
Team Wolffhttp://www.teamwolffshowstock.comWinners Updated!n22-04-14Apr 14, 202230195 Tyler Rd.WalkertonIN46574sheep
Teeters Club Lambshttp://www.teetersclublambs.comWinners Updated!n22-11-17Nov 17, 20229961 Small RoadHillsboroOH45133sheep
Tel Livestockhttp://www.tellivestock.comCheck out our Wether & Production Sale today on SC! Offering wethers, ewe lambs, ewes & semen.n22-04-12Apr 12, 20222125 S 3600 EHeberUT84032sheep
Texas Best Show Serieshttp://www.texasbestshowseries.comUpdated Pointsn23-09-15Sep 15, 2023products
The Green Stuff to our customers on their recent success!n23-09-27Sep 27, 2023productsRecent
The Main Event Sale Consignments are rolling in! Be sure to check out the viewing links posted; lots are being updated as they come in! Live Online Bidding Available Sale Day!n23-03-15Mar 15, 2023events
The Stockyards Packing Company Website!n21-12-15Dec 15, 20216365 COLLEGE CORNER PIKEOxfordOH45056products
The Throwdown Scholarship Application Posted - Application deadline July 15thn23-06-01Jun 01, 2023ILevents
Thomas Club Lambshttp://www.thomasclublambs.comNew Winners!n23-05-05May 05, 20235463 Town Hall DrivePulaskiWI54162sheep
Thompson Livestockhttp://www.thompsonlivestock.comNew Sire & Winner!n21-02-22Feb 22, 20211634 S US Hwy 421FrankfortIN46041sheep
Three Sisters Sheep WINNERS!!n22-09-06Sep 06, 20222458 East Camp Rd.WilliamsCA95987sheep
Thunderstruck Club Lambshttp://www.thunderstruckclublambs.comSires Updated!n23-04-18Apr 18, 20238106 Ingalls RoadBeldingMI48809sheep
Thurston Club Lambshttp://www.ThurstonClubLambs.comTop Gun ewe lamb selling TODAY in Beattys Customer Appreciation sale on SC!n22-03-09Mar 09, 20222713R Bachman RoadManchesterMD21102sheep
Titus Club Lambshttp://www.titusclublambs.comNew Mexico champions posted!n23-09-18Sep 18, 202381 230th StAlexisIL61920sheep
TKM Livestockhttp://www.tkmlivestock.comNew 2023 Winners!n23-06-08Jun 08, 20237803 Bowers Rd.AmandaOH43102sheep
Topnotch Show Stock 2022 Donors!n22-03-21Mar 21, 20221484 County Rd 80AlgerOH45812goats
Trans Ova Genetics Link! Check out our small ruminant division!n15-11-10Nov 10, 201512425 Liv 224ChillicotheMO64601products
Triple D Genetics & Jackpot champions posted!n23-09-20Sep 20, 2023249648 E 1820 Rd.ChattanoogaOK73528sheep
Triple K Club Lambs sale photos updated!n21-04-07Apr 07, 2021StuartNE68780sheep
True North Technologies Minnesota Dealer!n23-05-16May 16, 2023products
U.S. Targhee Sheep Association our new board members!n23-08-17Aug 17, 2023sheep
Ultra Shag dealers available! y23-09-06Sep 06, 2023products
University of Findlay - Department of Animal Science & PreVeterinary Serviceshttp://www.findlayanimalscience.comAberdeen Heifer Online Sale - Feb. 2nd at SC Online Sales - Lots Postedn21-01-14Jan 14, 20211000 N Main StFindlayOH45840sheep, products
Valentine Club Lambs Lot 62 Sells Saturday, April 22nd!n23-04-21Apr 21, 20231203 R Miller Rd.FluvannaTX79517sheep
Van Wert Club Lambs Winners!n21-02-24Feb 24, 20211541 RAVEN AVEHamptonIA50441sheep
Vandevanter Show Lambshttp://www.evstockfarms.comUpdated Siresn18-04-06Apr 06, 20181125 310th StKironIA51448sheep
Viking Lamb LLC Winner!n21-01-12Jan 12, 20211634 East 1000 NorthMorristownIN46161products
Viking Show Lambs and Genetics Winner!n21-01-12Jan 12, 20211634 East 1000 NorthMorristownIN46161sheep
Wagner Club Lambshttp://www.wagnerclublambs.comSale Lots Posted for our April 4th Sale at SCO!n23-03-29Mar 29, 20234834 E Hwy 10GreenwoodAR72936sheep
Walker Club Lambshttp://www.walkerclublambs.comtarn19-02-26Feb 26, 20192150 E 1100 SClintonIN47842sheep
Walkup Club Lambshttp://www.walkupclublambs.comNew State Fair Champions!n22-08-26Aug 26, 202213675 SE State Rd DDGowerMO64454sheep
Wallen Club Lambs Contact Info!n22-02-19Feb 19, 20223918 Idle RdSt. ParisOH43072sheep
Warntjes Livestockhttp://www.warntjeslivestock.comOnline Sale Monday, March 20th at SCO!n23-03-17Mar 17, 2023182165 N 2650 RdWaltersOK73572sheep
Wedel Southdowns Winners & 5 Ewe Lambs & 1 Ram Lamb For Sale!n23-07-26Jul 26, 20231774 Arrowhead RdMoundridgeKS67107sheep
Weeda Club Lambshttp://www.weedaclublambs.comAI Sires Updated!n22-09-07Sep 07, 20221928 US Hwy 169Mt. AyrIA50854sheep
West Southdowns ram for sale!n18-06-26Jun 26, 20184545 Carrabba RoadBryanTX77808sheep
West Virginia Sheep & Goat Salehttp://www.wvsheepandgoatsale.comBred Ewe & Doe Sale Entry Info Postedn23-09-15Sep 15, 202313747 Turkey Creek LaneBroadwayWV22815events
Western Hay Yards Website!n22-06-20Jun 20, 2022products
Western Livestock Auctions Reports Postedn23-07-17Jul 17, 2023OKproducts
Western States Dorper Associaiton Minutes Postey23-08-01Aug 01, 2023sheep
Wether or Not Show Lambshttp://www.wetherornotshowlambs.comSires Updated!n23-01-25Jan 25, 2023289 Crab Orchard RoadFrankfortKY40601sheep
Whitaker's Rockworth Farmshttp://www.whitakerclublambs.comNew Sire Addedn19-10-06Oct 06, 20193206 Guy James RdLascassasTN37085sheep
Whitcomb Club Lambs Updated!n23-01-09Jan 09, 202325075 Dosier Road,GreenviewIL62642sheep
Whyte Club Lambs 2023 Champions!y23-08-15Aug 15, 20231893 Smith Creek Rd.WaynesburgPA15370sheep
Wicked Show Lambshttp://www.wickedshowlambs.comNew Sire - PEDIGREEn23-09-23Sep 23, 2023WallsburgUT84082sheep
Williams Diamond W Club Lambs 2023 Sale Dates Posted! Bid Board Tags Due Feb 26th!n23-02-23Feb 23, 2023791 E. Co. Rd. 350 SLogansportIN46947sheep
Williams Family Club Lambs New winners posted!n23-09-08Sep 08, 20235021 E. 104TH ST.PerkinsOK74059sheep
Williams Show Lambshttp://www.williamsshowlambs.comNew Stud Rams!n23-07-14Jul 14, 202312191 431st AveMabelMN55954sheep
Wininger Club Lambs Sires updated!n23-05-26May 26, 2023130 Barton RdSurgoinsvilleTN37873sheep
Winners Choice Additives Champions - Order today!n18-08-07Aug 07, 201810443 North Meridian RoadRoanokeIN46783products
Wisconsin Club Lamb Associationhttp://www.wisconsinclublambassociation.comThank you to our 2023 Sponsors!n23-07-04Jul 04, 2023sheep
Wisconsin Livestock Breeders Associationhttp://www.wisconsinlivestockbreeders.comPoints Updatedn23-09-12Sep 12, 2023products
Wise Club Lambshttp://www.wiseclublambs.comNew 2019 Champion!n20-02-10Feb 10, 20202306 South County Rd 21LovelandCO80537sheep
Witt Club Lambshttp://www.wittclublambs.comNew Winners Updated!n23-09-15Sep 15, 2023PO Box 711ChampionPA15622sheep
Wolf Club Lambshttp://www.wolfclublambs.comFresh White Ninja Semen & Frozen Sancho Semen for sale!n23-05-01May 01, 2023957 E AvenueScrantonIA51462sheep
Wollerman Show Lambshttp://www.wollermanshowlambs.comNew Winners!n21-12-24Dec 24, 20212318 N. 400TH ST.BinghamIL62011sheep
Worthington Club Lambs of 2023 Sale Lambs Posted!n23-02-23Feb 23, 2023221 Hillvale Rd.ClintonTN37716sheep
Wright Club Lambshttp://www.wrightshowlambs.comNew 2023 Winner!n23-04-19Apr 19, 20231144 Eaton AveScrantonIA51462sheep
Wright Club Lambs - OK champion posted!n23-09-15Sep 15, 202320510 E 1110 RD,Elk CityOK73644sheep
Wright's Rocky Acres New Sire - Brute!n23-05-30May 30, 202325250 State Highway 413GalenaMO65656sheep
Wyman Club Lambshttp://www.wymanclublambs.comSale lots posted - updated websiten22-01-11Jan 11, 20222619 Vega CourtMercedCA95341sheep
Wyncrest Farms you to our online sale buyers & bidders!n23-04-19Apr 19, 202310388 Reid RdHoustonioMOsheep
YM Club Lambs Updated - Blindside Semen For Sale!n22-09-12Sep 12, 2022636 Chipman CourtBanderaTX78003sheep
Zimmerly Club Lambshttp://www.zimmerlyclublambs.comOnline Sale Ends Tonight at SC Online Sales! Sires, Winners & Sales Schedule Updated!n23-02-13Feb 13, 20236696 Rohrer RdWoosterOH44691sheep
Rocky Top Club Lambs Website!y23-08-28Aug 28, 20232323 NUBBIN RIDGE ROADDICKSONTN37055sheep

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