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Dalton York

What’s your day to day life look like right now?
Busy! Finishing a degree in Construction Management and Business Administration minor, along with raising sheep and helping with L2 Track Dogs, plus the management of building infrastructure for several family businesses

Where did you attend higher education? And what’s your Major?
Senior year at Tarleton University and have an associate degree from Texas State Technical in Construction

What’s your current Occupation? Did Showing sheep Impact your decision to go into that Occupation?
Showing sheep has greatly impacted my life and career interest. This summer I am doing a Dream internship combining both my loves working with Jason Cooper with SRV Show Lambs as well as Jason construction company that builds dairies. I would not have these type of life experiences without the stock show industry.

What was your favorite part of showing sheep?
Competition in the ring at the fierce level then walking out of the ring and being the best of friends is truly why I want to stay involved for generations to come.

What was your least favorite barn chore? Is that barn chore still your least favorite?
Cleaning pens! This remain something I don’t like, but glad I learned to use the tractor. Now when it is time to really do a deep clean, I tear out our pen system and use the tractor.

What was your favorite animal you ever showed?
There are a lot of favorites through the years, but the one that still gives me chill is the lamb I bought with my own money of the MacLennan sale. He was way over my 20 year old sheep budget, but he was a great sheep and I loved showing him. His name was Voodoo, because he was full of black magic!

Who had the most influence on your show career?
That is a hard one, because their are so many, especially from West Texas. Growing up in San Angelo, I got to see Slayton, Chance, Kyle grow their flocks and while winning almost everything stay humble. Jody Clem, Jason Cooper and Wade Franklin have also greatly influenced my breeding programs. But, without a doubt I would not have achieved the success I did in the show ring without Adam Heffelfinger and Zeth Henson. Both guys, who at the time were young themselves, taught me so much about getting one shown, fed and looking their best in the ring. Truly I am grateful for all!

What was your biggest accomplishment as a showman?
Most would say winning Reserve overall at San Angelo with a Finewool cross. This was exciting because he was bought in San Angelo and won there. Now, my excitement comes from seeing our banner track families winning big ones and also my nieces and nephew winning their first.