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How did showing lambs influence your life decisions?
Showing lambs taught me many valuable life skills that have prepared me for my career following high school. Responsibility, time management, discipline, and work ethic are just a few aspects that I was exposed to early and have helped developed me into who I am today.

What was your favorite part about stock show?
My favorite part of stock shows was getting to hang out with friends from different schools and bonding through activities not relating to showing. Every year we would go to Kansas City, there would be a crowd of twenty or so people that would go through the haunted houses in downtown Kansas City. Activities like that would definitely be my favorite part of showing.

If you could go back in time, what is one barn chore that you would have spent more time on?
One barn chore I could have spent more time on was treadmilling sheep. As a coach, developing players in the weight room and regimen of a diet is essential in preparing them to succeed on the field. Athletics is a great comparison to how you get your animals prepared for the show ring. I think now I have a better understanding of how treadmilling was preparing them to be in good showing shape.

What is one piece of advice you would give any exhibitor? 
Showing livestock reveals many useful life skills that will help shape you as a person. You may not see that while you are going through long days walking animals or late barn nights, but looking back you will see the value of the FFA and how it translates to life. Keep on pushing through!

What do you do currently?
I currently teach personal finance and coach football at Guthrie High School. This is my sixth year in education and am having a blast developing students and athletes in this profession.

Some of your main stock show accomplishments/winnings:
2009 Reserve Grand Champion Oklahoma Youth Expo
2010 Grand Champion National Western Stock Show
2012 Reserve Grand Champion Oklahoma Youth Expo
2012 Grand Champion National Western Stock Show