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Logan Svonavec

What’s your day to day life look like right now?
My weekdays typically consist of a lot of travel and sales meetings. My weekends are still pretty dedicated to the show stock industry, mostly traveling to help customers at shows or helping to manage the stock I own in partnership that are housed at other facilities.

Where did you attend higher education? And what’s your Major?
I attended The Pennsylvania State University and majored in Animal Science.

What’s your current Occupation? Did Showing sheep Impact your decision to go into that Occupation?
I am currently a pharmaceutical sales rep for veterinary medicine. Showing sheep made a huge impact on the decision to follow this career path. I have always enjoyed working with animals and this position has allowed me to do that on a daily basis as well as providing me the freedom of schedule necessary to keep my toes dipped into the production and show ring side of things

What was your favorite part of showing sheep?
My favorite part of showing sheep was the daily work (rinsing legs, cleaning water buckets, exercising etc.)

What was your least favorite barn chore? Is that barn chore still your least favorite?
My least favorite chore was waking up early to feed. I don’t mind the work but I still don’t enjoy the early wake up call.

What was your favorite animal you ever showed?
I had a sheep from Beatty’s and a goat from Criswell’s in 2015 that were both pretty special to me.

Who had the most influence on your show career?
My parents (Pat and Joy) and my uncle Vince are first and foremost. Without them I never would’ve had the chance to participate from the start.

What was your biggest accomplishment as a showman?
The lifelong friendships and connections I made as a showman are by far my greatest accomplishment.