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Garrett Goodwin

What’s your day to day life look like right now?
Currently my time is spent either at the barn, feeding our 2 month old twin boys, or chasing our almost 2 year old around.

Where did you attend higher education? And what’s your Major?
I attended Oklahoma State with a major in Animal Science.

What’s your current Occupation? Did Showing sheep Impact your decision to go into that Occupation?
I’m very blessed to be able to raise sheep for a career. 100%

What was your favorite part of showing sheep?
My favorite part of showing sheep was working to get better in order to be able to compete at higher and higher levels over the years.

What was your least favorite barn chore? Is that barn chore still your least favorite?
Watering, yes still not a fan of it. So mundane yet so important

What was your favorite animal you ever showed?
Probably a sheep we called “20”, he was the first one I made the sale at OYE with. He really kickstarted my obsession for this game.  

Who had the most influence on your show career?
My dad, he got the whole thing started for me and my siblings and stuck with us to the end. Also, as I got to the last few years of my career Chad Charmasson had a large influence as well.

What was your biggest accomplishment as a showman?
My last year at the National Western, being ch. senior showman, ch. division 2 & 3 and grand champion, as well as premier exhibitor was a few days I won’t soon forget