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Jordann Doty

Age: 11

What state are you from?

How many years have you been showing?
 I can’t remember not showing lambs. I have been jackpoting since I was 5.

How many lambs did you have on feed this year?
I had 8 lambs and 1 goat.

How did you get started?
My family owns Doty Club Lambs, so I have always been around lots of other kids showing. When I got old enough I wanted to be in the ring showing with them.

Favorite thing about your show series?
Spending time with my friends and family.

Did you win with the same lamb at each show?
I won the Market Lamb division and 3 sheep had a part in that (Shrek, Charlie Brown and Woodstock).
I won the Ewe Division and that was mostly with Fiona.
I was Reserve in the WBI Division and that was with Elsia.

What is one thing you want to say to the people who run the organization?
Thank you for allowing kids the opportunity to be a part of a series that allows them to do what they love.

Future Plans:
Well I am only in 5th grade so I want to continue to show until I age out. After I graduate high school right now I want to go to college to be a Vet.