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Phoebe Sanders

We caught up with Ms. Phoebe Sanders, exhibitor of the Reserve Grand Champion FFA Market Lamb at the 2022 Iowa State Fair. Learn a little more about Phoebe below!

School Attending & Grade: Iowa State University – Senior

What was special or interesting about your lamb?
I think something special was his attitude, everyday brought a new challenge with him!

What was your favorite sheep in your barn this year?
My favorite sheep was my Middlesworths sheep “Perry”. He was the easy going one of the group.

How would you describe the moment you were selected as champion?
As it was my last state fair, we kept a goal present in our minds all summer, it left us speechless!It was special to be able to be in the Sale of Champions at my last state fair!

Favorite thing to hear on showday?
My favorite thing to hear on show day is usually Flint telling me what I did wrong as soon as I come out of the ring! I think he learned that from his Uncle Ty.

Do you have any superstitions?
Yes! I show with my lucky socks, and a penny in my left shoe that I found heads up during the first years of my show career!

We caught up with Ms. Phoebe Sanders, exhibitor of the Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2020 Iowa State Fair – Special Edition FFA Show. Learn a little more about Phoebe below!

Age: 19

Hometown: Eagle Grove, IA (Iowa State University)

With the uncertainty of the show season, how did you stay focused?
I think that with the uncertainty it was a bigger motivation, it made us as a family want to go spend time in the barn together. It was a great distraction from what is going on in today’s world!

What was something new you tried this year since you were able to be home more often than normal?
I think that we stuck to the same routine as usual years, but maybe just had more time in general to spend in the barn.

What is your favorite show product to use?
It’s a toss up between many different ones!

When I grow up I want to be….
When I grow up I want to do something within the agricultural industry, and give back to the program that gave so much to me!

Showing animals has helped me to develop……
I think I’ve developed a lot of confidence showing livestock, it teaches you how to be calm, cool, and collected when not all things go the way you planned.

What’s your favorite Barn Chore:
My favorite barn chore is feeding in the morning, it’s always so quiet and is a good way to start the day.

Who is the person you look to for advice right before you go in the ring for that last minute pep talk or pointer:

The people I look to for advice before I go in the ring are my brother Denton and also Nicole Allen.

Favorite Celebration Restaurant after a good day at the show:
My favorite celebration stop is 100% Texas Roadhouse.

Favorite Song or Singer:
We usually listen to Eminem in a truck ride to a show!