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Madden Wise

We caught up with Mr. Madden Wise, exhibitor of the Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2022 State Fair of Texas. Learn a little more about Madden below!

School Attending & Grade: Early High School / Sophomore

What was special or interesting about your lamb?
My lamb, Nutty, ran into a roll up door about a week before state fair and cut his head open.

What was your favorite sheep in your barn this year?
Lil Ricky is definitely my favorite lamb out of this years set. He always comes up to you and nibbles on your fingers.

How would you describe the moment you were selected as champion?
It was shocking to see all of the blood sweat and tears pay off considering it was the first major show I’ve won.

Favorite thing to hear on showday?
“I think the judge really liked him.”

Favorite person you spent time with at the show…
My good buddy Zane Walker, along with my dad, sister, and Tate Bittner.

Do you have any superstitions?
Wearing a black show shirt.

What is your dream job?
I haven’t quite figured that out yet, but definitely something to help better the agricultural industry.