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Lydia Ockander

We caught up with Ms. Lydia Ockander, exhibitor of the Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2020 Nebraska State Fair 4H Show. Learn a little more about Lydia below!

Age: 16

Hometown: David City, NE (David City Public Schools)

With the uncertainty of the show season, how did you stay focused?
Right before national FFA last year, one of my best friends that I showed with got into a car accident with her mom and they both passed away. Whenever I felt like I didn’t want to keep going and when I thought it would just be easier to quit, I heard a voice inside me say to keep going. Brooke is very missed and will never be forgotten. Brooke spent a lot of time in the barn with me and was apart of the show family. I know she would just be proud of all that we as a show family have accomplished this year.

What was something new you tried this year since you were able to be home more often than normal?
Instead of going to school everyday, I was able to spend all day everyday at the farm. I would blare the music and rock out to old classics. I think that is what truly made me more successful than ever this year was the hours I would spend in the early months.

What is your favorite show product to use?


When I grow up I want to be….
I am exploring agricultural education or an animal nutritionist.

Showing animals has helped me to develop……

The importance of proper animal nutrition and exercise. At the beginning of each year, I struggle to see the good in my sheep, but as the season progresses, my sheep start to come along and become successful.

What’s your favorite Barn Chore:
Organizing the whole barn, especially the show products.

Who is the person you look to for advice right before you go in the ring for that last minute pep talk or pointer:

Mark Hassebrook. Mark has always been there for me and I wouldn’t be the showman or person I am today without him. He has helped me so much with learning to put in the work early on and never taking a day off. Whenever I have questions about anything from sheep to my personal life, Mark is the person that I go to. He listens and gives me advice. Everyday he teaches me to be the best person I can possibly be.

Favorite Celebration Restaurant after a good day at the show:
The closest ice cream shop!

Favorite Song or Singer:
Any type of country.