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Jamison Scott

We caught up with Mr. Jamison Scott, exhibitor of the Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2022 Oklahoma State Fair and Tulsa State Fair. Learn a little more about Jamison below!

School Attending & Grade: Central High School – 9th grade

What was special or interesting about your lamb?
Chazz Michael Michaels was named after Will Ferrell’s character in Blades of Glory, who was a decided underdog. He was skinny, green, and slick legged as a baby… then he grew up

What was your favorite sheep in your barn this year?

How would you describe the moment you were selected as champion?
I was speechless. The amount of hours we pour into our work in the barn can seem like they are never going to be rewarded, but on that day I got the handshake.

Favorite thing to hear on showday?

Whenever my dad and brother tell me to “go do my job”.

Favorite person you spent time with at the show…
Always my brother, Riley. He’s not around as much anymore, so the time we do get to spend together is special.

Do you have any superstitions?
The first time I had really ever won anything, I had missed a belt loop on the back of my pants. So now, everyday I skip the same belt loop. Also, the best sheep always gets to wear the orange blanket.

What is your dream job?

I really want to be a ninja, but I don’t think I have the body type. So, I’m hoping to be a veterinarian.