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Easton Albrecht

We caught up with Mr. Easton Albrecht, exhibitor of the Grand Champion Market Lamb and Ewe at the 2022 Montana State Fair. Learn a little more about Easton below!

School Attending & Grade: Huntley Project School. I am in the 6th grade

What was special or interesting about your lamb?
My lamb, Deadpool, was the lamb out of my ewe from last year bred by Home Run Club Lambs. She was the Supreme Ewe at Montana Fair. He was a very friendly lamb and just loved being a show lamb.

What was your favorite sheep in your barn this year?
Deadpool. He was my buddy. We got along really well

How would you describe the moment you were selected as champion?
When we were waiting for the winner to be chosen, I was nervous. When he picked me, I was very excited to know that I won a state fair with my lamb.

Favorite thing to hear on showday?
My named being called as first place!! Also, when my family is there and tells me good job and they are proud of me.

Favorite person you spent time with at the show…
I like to be with my dad, he coaches me and helps me get ready. He is proud when I show my lamb. He gives me good advice and keeps me from getting nervous.

Do you have any superstitions?
Not really, I am not very superstitious. I have a shirt that is an American flag that is my favorite to show in, but I wasn’t wearing it that day!

What is your dream job?
I want to go into the military and be a soldier. I think after that, being a mechanic would be fun. I could also do that in the military so it would be helpful.