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Walkup Club Lambs

We caught up with the breeder of the Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe at the 2023 Nebraska State Fair FFA Show. We invite you to read our candid interview with Walkup Club Lambs below and please continue to check back often for our next edition of “Breeder Spotlight.”

What’s the pedigree of your champion?

Saban x 969 Walkup(Drop the Mic son-Walkup)

What makes your operation run smoothly?
It is a family operation that requires myself, my wife Ronetta along with our sons Colby and Corbin and my parents Daryl and Pat. My wife and I have full time jobs so with the help of my parents during the day helps with my part at night and in the mornings     We work long hours during the week and play catch up on the weekends to prepare for the next week. We love this industry and what we do so it makes it all worth while.

How many head do you run?
We run 150 mature ewes, 50 recip ewes, and around 50 replacement ewe lambs.

Do you have another job besides raising sheep? If so, what’s your occupation?
I work at Cameron Coop as the Feed Manager and my wife works at the school in the District office and part time Ag teacher.

In your opinion, who has been the most influential ram across the industry?
That is tough question. It is all in how far you want to go back. There is a tremendous amount of high quality rams being produced. But in my flock or case I would have to lean more towards Drop The Mic. As most of our donor base is DTM and our lead donor is a DTM.

What’s your favorite livestock show?

Missouri State Fair. We always look forward to showing and  spending time with family and friends.

Do you prefer online sales or live sales?
Live Sales. We enjoy meeting people and showcasing our lambs in person. However, bitive and online sales are essential to the industry