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Begalka Livestock

We caught up with the breeder of the Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2023 The Show in Reno. We invite you to read our candid interview with Begalka Livestock below and please continue to check back often for our next edition of “Breeder Spotlight.”

Who had the biggest influence on you to start your own herd?
I was raised on a Hereford cattle operation. My dad let me buy a ewe when I was 6 years old and it developed from there. So definitely my dad was my biggest influence. He taught me everything about raising livestock.

First buck you can remember you bred to:
First buck back in the beginning was “Sky Rocket”.
First buck that made a real difference and put the show lamb “bug” in me when I was in high school was “Mindbender” , a “Walking Tall” son from Rollie Rosenboom.

Favorite ewe? Why?
We have been real fortunate to work with a lot of ewes that I feel have built great ewe families for us.  But currently I would say my favorite ewe on the place is Donor 0108 a Unicorn daughter. She just recently had our high selling ewe at the “Party Sale”.
We can trace her family back to the moms of our Houston and Ft Worth Reserve Champions in the mid 90’s.

Growing up what did you think your occupation would be?
I always knew I wanted to raise cattle and sheep. Have been lucky enough that it has worked out.

Are you still on the farm or buildings that you started raising sheep in? If not, when and why did you decide to move?
We are on the farm we purchased when we got married. We started from scratch building all new buildings and yards

What has been the scariest decision for your operation?
Not much can be considered scary. Perhaps the stress level has increased at times over the years trying to remain progressive in both of our sheep and cattle programs.

If you could add one thing to your operation, what would it be and why?
More buildings!