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Shep Silvers

We caught up with Mr. Shep Silvers, exhibitor of the Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2024 Houston Livestock Show. Learn a little more about Shep below!

Tell us a little about your champion:
His name was Nathan, we got him out back at Young Guns. He was my barn favorite because he would recognize me and walk up to the fence.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned while showing animals?
Hard work pays off and exercise matters!  

Do you have any special tricks for getting stubborn animals to cooperate?
No it just takes a lot of practice and patience.

What’s your favorite memory involving your animals?
Winning Houston and setting the sale record.

What’s the most challenging aspect of showing livestock, and how do you overcome it?
The day to day practicing because I love  hunting and fishing too. But I like winning so I just breathe and grit my teeth and get through it.

Who inspired you to become the showman you are today?
My mom and dad

Do you name your animals? If so, what’s the most interesting name you have given?
Yes. Fat Albert

If your lamb had its own pump-up song, what would it be?
The Real Slim Shady

What’s the most unexpected blooper you’ve experienced during a show?
I let go of Nathan during the Grand Drive Pre judging. He spooked and jumped out of my hand and ran back to the gate. It was so embarrassing.