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Kiylee Hughes

We caught up with Ms, Kiylee Hughes exhibitor of the Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2023 Arkansas State Fair. Learn a little more about Kiylee below!

Age: 18

Grade: Senior in high school

How do you stay focused on reaching your goal?
By making that goal my main priority. If I prioritize that goal in my everyday life, then I know that the job will get done.

Do you show any other species besides sheep? If so, what other species?No

What’s your favorite show? and why?

My favorite show is AYE, because of all of the food, music, and extra excitement that goes along with it. It’s a completely different environment, and it’s the least stressful one to show at!

What do you do to celebrate after a big win?
At Shanae Floyd’s (show mom) camper to eat a good meal.

What has showing livestock taught you?
It has taught me how to lose, how to be a graceful winner, but above anything, discipline. I knew if I wanted to win, I needed to be disciplined into taking care of my animals every single day. I learned that if you want something bad enough, you will put in the work to achieve it.

What’s your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is to one day be a commercial real estate agent, and work with businesses across the nation.

What’s your lambs name? and what made him/her so special?
Esther. She was very special to me because she had an amazing personality, and was the best show sheep I’ve ever had. She was a natural. She made it really easy to show her! You could almost tell that she wanted to win just as bad as me.

Who do you look up to?
I look up to my mom the most. She is my biggest role model. She is the strongest, kindest woman I know. She has an amazing relationship with Jesus, and has raised me to do the same. She had never failed at anything she worked hard for. She has worked for every she’s got, and that alone is inspiring.