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Emerson Garner

We caught up with Mr, Emerson Garner exhibitor of the Grand Champion Wether Dam at the 2023 State Fair of Texas. Learn a little more about Emerson below!

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

How do you stay focused on reaching your goal?
I’m able to stay focused on my goals because I have a deep rooted love for this industry and lifestyle.

Do you show any other species besides sheep? If so, what other species?
I only show sheep. 

What’s your favorite show? and why?
My favorite show is Houston, I like the way it’s ran and the things they do for the exhibitors. A close second would be the State Fair of Texas.

What do you do to celebrate after a big win?
We usually go to dinner with family and afterwards we have what we call an “after party” which consists of disinfecting sheep for ringworm and wrapping legs.

What has showing livestock taught you?
Showing livestock has taught me respect, responsibility, and a good work ethic.

What’s your biggest dream?
To win a Texas major and a National show like Phoenix.

What’s your lambs name? and what made him/her so special?
Her name is Neff-Ewe. When we were sorting sheep she caught my brothers eye and the rest is history.

Who do you look up to?
I look up to my brother Corbin. He has taught me almost everything there is to know about the show barn.