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Dotty Lefty

We caught up with Ms, Dotty Lefty exhibitor of the Reserve Champion Wether Dam Ewe at the 2023 State Fair of California. Learn a little more about Dotty below!

Age: 16

Grade: Junior

How do you stay focused on reaching your goal?
To stay focused on my goals I like to set a realistic goal for the season with my team at the beginning of the year, from there on we work closely together everyday in the barn to move closer to our end point.

Do you show any other species besides sheep? If so, what other species?
I have showed sheep my whole show career and rasied my first market goat this year for our county fair. I enjoyed the learning experience that I gained from the goat project and was very successful at the county fair level although I enjoy sheep much more.

What’s your favorite show? and why?
I really enjoy showing at smaller jackpots as well as the larger ones, although to pick a favorite I would say Cow Palace. I have only showed at Cow Palce once but I really enjoy the layed back atmosphere of the show as well as watching the rodeo afterwards.

What do you do to celebrate after a big win?
After a successful show I enjoy either going out to a celebration dinner with all the people that got me to where I am or simply going back to the tent and talking and having a good time with good people.

What has showing livestock taught you?
Showing livestock has taught me numerous important life skills such as hard work, dedication, responsibility, honesty, and most importantly humility. Through my years showing I have learned many life skills that I can apply to my adult life one of the main ones being humility, this industry has taught me that win or loose there is a way for you to better yourself and learn from the situation, this I believe is the most important skill showing livestock has taught me.

What’s your biggest dream?
My biggest dream in the livestock industry is to win the ewe show at CYAE, through my years showing I have taken a liking towards the ewes and a huge goal and dream of mine is to win a large ewe show such as CYAE.

What’s your lambs name? and what made him/her so special?
Andie. This ewe has been extremely special to me and my family all year and picking a name for her came with time, Andie has a huge personality she is both sweet and stubborn. She is by far the most high strung ewe i’ve ever shown and even through her stubbornness she will remain one of my all time favorites.

Who do you look up to?
I look up to many people in my life but my main role models are definitely my parents, they are the ones that teach me the true values of life and keep me grounded. My mom is my biggest supporter and I would truly not where I am without her and I can only hope to one day be as impactful as she is. My dad is one of the most successful and respected people I know, he shows me humility, gratitude, and how to give back to others.