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Alette Neier

We caught up with Ms.Alette Neier, exhibitor of the Reserve Grand Champion Prospect Lamb  at the 2024 Spring American Royal. Learn a little more about Alette below!

Tell us a little about your champion:
His name is Pip!  He is from Deno Livestock! His mom is Flower and she was Champion Commercial Ewe at Louisville in 2020!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned while showing animals?
I’ve learned that hard work and dedication will always pay off at some point!

Do you have any special tricks for getting stubborn animals to cooperate?
If I have a stubborn lamb we work it around the farm in many different locations.  We also, have my little sister and our dog out with us when working in the yard so the lambs get used to noise and commotion.  

What’s your favorite memory involving your animals?
My favorite memory showing lambs is when my lamb MAC was Reserve Champion Whiteface Cross at Aksarben.  I was in the Parade of Champions before the Grand Drive, we got to go into the arena in the beds of trucks.  That was a super cool experience and MAC was one of my favorite sheep!

How do you prepare your animals both physically and mentally for the shows?
It takes a lot of time in the barn and around our farm.  Colin Deno tells us how important proper hand walking is, so we walk them all over our farm and set them up in different locations.  When setting them up in the yard we stand with them for awhile so they know how to stand in a show ring.

What’s the most challenging aspect of showing livestock, and how do you overcome it?
When you first bring your lambs home and getting them broke.  I spend lots of time in the barn, even sitting in the pens with them doing my school work.  We work with them often and it takes lots of practice and time!  

Who inspired you to become the showman you are today?
Colin Deno, Bridget Weller, my parents and my older sister, Ariah!

Do you name your animals? If so, what’s the most interesting name you have given?
Yes!  I’ve had a set of animals named Pancake, Syrup, and Jemima

If your lamb had its own pump-up song, what would it be?
I don’t really have a pump-up song, but we always have some type of music playing in the barn when we work animals!

What’s the most unexpected blooper you’ve experienced during a show?
Last year, during showmanship at Aksarben a steer got lose in the cattle ring.  It knocked down the gate right next to me and Mr. Wilson.  Mr. Wilson didn’t even flinch and we went on to be Champion Junior Showman.  It for sure freaked me out having a steer coming right towards me.