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Logan Newsom

We caught up with Market Lamb Show judge Logan Newsom before he steps “Inside the Ring” at the Arkansas Youth Expo. Learn more about Logan below…

What’s been your all time favorite sheep you have judged?
I have been to a lot of shows over the years so I don’t think I could begin to justify one over the other and come up with a clear cut favorite. A few that stand out though would be Matt Cramblett’s wether that barnstormed the country in the late 90s and won Houston, Walker’s Grand at San Antonio, or Hargrove’s Grand at Ft. Worth. There have been a lot of high quality ones that took home banners over the years, those are just a few that stand out.

Who’s your biggest influence in evaluating livestock?
My dad laid the foundation and helped me understand how to actually sort though an entire pasture of sheep in order to come up with the best ones to evaluate. My Grandad tought me to read structure in show pigs and that’s stuck with me in every sheep purchase I’ve ever made.

What do you look for when evaluating?
I am a first impression person I believe that you can read Livestock on the move as well as you can in any setting, no matter the specie. I like sheep that are athletic and shapely when they hit the ring. I’ve looked at more livestock loose and by myself more then I ever have with someone catching them to show off so I’m comfortable seeing them in their natural state. I believe handling quality and composition are important factors but once I have deemed them acceptable then I’m probably not going to pet on your project many more times.

If down to the last few, what will be your sort?
In motion!

Do you prefer to evaluate when sheep are in motion or stuck on profile?
In motion!

Tell us about your family!
I am married to the love of my life and the glue that hold our family together, Jenny Bett. We have 3 children together Graham, Gracie Jo, and Cub! We love spending time in the barn together and chasing our kids in all their activities they love!

What’s one show you look forward to every year?
Without a doubt Louisville!