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Josh Kouns

We caught up with judge Josh Kouns before he steps “Inside the Ring” at the California Youth Expo. Learn more about Josh below…

What’s been your all time favorite sheep you have judged?
When I get asked this question I always go back to my 2014 champion at Tulsa. I believe that Emily Smith showed that lamb and while it may not run with some of them today, that lamb was way ahead of his time and just different than anything I had seen.

Who’s your biggest influence in evaluating livestock?
My livestock judging coaches, Dale Hummel and Clay Elliot had without question the biggest role in developing my mindset on evaluating livestock. I also enjoyed watching Dan Hoge and Clay Weber discuss livestock and would take some metal notes from there playbook.

What do you look for when evaluating?
The best one! No really, just those that are unique and hard to make. I don’t like to follow trends or what seems to be popular unless it falls into my priorities and what I like.

If down to the last few, what will be your sort?
Typically at the top end they all have enough power, muscle and width to them. Those that are built better, have extra look and just stay together in motion better usually seem to go further.

Do you prefer to evaluate when sheep are in motion or stuck on profile?
Motion all day but they better take a good picture too.

Tell us about your family!
My wife, Kourtney and I welcomed our son Grady a couple of years ago and he has made us young again! Kourtney is a nursing informaticist for United Regional Health Care in Wichita Falls. She is the regulatory and quality program coordinator for their Epic team and a clinical analyst. Grady is two and likes to drive big tractors, lawnmowers and trucks! He also helps out with feeding but usually finds himself in the water trough….I’m just a county extension agent that has some sheep and goats.

What’s one show you look forward to every year?
When I was growing up, the Indiana State Fair was my summer highlight. I looked forward to it every year I think mostly because I knew I wasn’t baling hay! With the help of technology I look forward to watching it online each August.

In your mind, how has the industry changed in the show ring over the last 10 years?
The level of competitiveness has really increased over the last 5-10 years, and not just how good these lambs are getting but the quality of showing and the level of daily care.