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Jason Simpson

We caught up with Market Lamb judge Jason Simpson before he steps “Inside the Ring” at NAILE. Learn more about Jason below…

Did your high school self ever think this is what you would be doing in 2023?
Maybe not ever judging a show of this magnitude, however I do believe I would have thought I would be deeply involved in the stock show industry.

In your judging career, what is one thing that has stuck out to you?
I will never forget the one year I was judging at San Angelo and there was a physically challenged kid that had his sister helping him in the ring. As he was walking his lamb around the corner he happened to see himself on the big video screen and was so excited he gave a big wave. That smile on his face was terrific and really puts into perspective why we do all of this.

What’s your biggest pet peeve while judging?
Poor fit jobs. I am not against belly wool, leg wool above the knee or painting if it is done correctly and blended correctly to help accentuate your animal. When not done correctly I think you can do more harm to your animal than good.

What’s your opinion on kids who show with a halter?
Not really any preference. I think it is fine for young kids that have troubles controlling their lamb. I would rather them use a halter than to be disrupting the ring with their lamb getting loose. Not really any benefit for the older kids to use a halter.

Do you prefer to evaluate when sheep are in motion or stuck on profile?
Both. I think your animal needs to prop up and look the part, however as the level of showmanship has escalated over the years I think you can actually study the animals on the move and get a more accurate read.

Tell us about your family!
Our family resides in Ault, Colorado where where we operate Simpson Livestock. I have been married to my wonderful wife Marinda for 17 years and we have our son Cade who will turn 16 in December. Everyone has their roles in the show barn and enjoys working together to try and reach our goals as a family.

What’s your dream vacation?
We have been fortunate to going on several very nice vacations over the last several years. A couple of our favorites have been the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. We simply love these beach vacations and the peaceful slow paced “Island time” that allows you to get out of the fast paced, wild lifestyle we live at home.