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Brenden Benson

This edition of A Few Minutes is with Brenden Benson from Texas, the judge for the Arizona National Junior Livestock Market Lamb & Breeding Sheep Show. Brenden graduated with an Animal Science degree from Texas A&M University in 2010. He has recently been hired by Boehringer Ingelheim as a Pet Sales Representative. Enjoy reading our candid interview with Mr. Brenden Benson.

Where did you grow up and what was your experience with sheep growing up?
I grew up in Winters, CA, a small farming community in the northern part of the state. Hampshire sheep have been the foundation which my experience in the industry has been built upon. When the art of washing, carding, packing, hand shearing…carding and packing was still the trend, my parents had built a registered flock composed of Tesconi genetics.  Our family campaigned our flock throughout the state for many years but as the wether craze caught fire, we too followed the movement.

What is your current involvement in the sheep industry?
Over the past five years I have been developing a modest flock consisting of about 30 brood ewes. I have been very fortunate to have the help of my father, Kent Benson, and Josh Cody in this process as I have been working on my education at Texas A&M University.

What are your initial sorts when evaluating market lambs? 
I’m sure the questions “What do we need to haul to Benson?” and “What kind does he like?” have been asked in preparation for Arizona. The answer is short and simple, Bring a Good One. Depending on who you are talking to a “good one” may have some variability. Within my own flock structural integrity, a unique skeleton and genuine power are emphasized. Those traits in conjunction with extra muscle shape and handling quality will be used to make placing decisions. While that may seem vague, I will say that muscle and finish are the fundamental pieces to making a good market animal but having one that is elite from the side with a round and shallow fore rib is never a bad idea, in my opinion.

What person/people influenced or helped to shape your view on what the ideal sheep should possess?
Josh Cody and Blaine Rodgers are two friends/mentors that have shaped my opinions on what good livestock, not just sheep, need to be built like. Each possess a critical eye for evaluating livestock and their instruction has been the constitution for my success over the years.

Where did you attend college and what judging awards did you receive?
I was a member of the 2005 National Champion FFA Livestock Judging Team, the 2006 National Champion 4-H Livestock Judging Team, the 2007 Reserve National Champion Junior College Livestock Judging Team and the 2009 Reserve National Champion Senior College Livestock Judging Team.

What is your favorite buck of all time?  And Why?
Composure is my favorite buck of all time without question. His ability to sire females that consistently lie down and generate stud bucks is truly impressive. I have built my entire flock around, what I feel to be, the most genetically predictable sire of all time.

Thanks Brenden for your time!