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Barrett Carlisle

We caught up with judge Barrett Carlisle before he steps “Inside the Ring” to sort the Wether Dam Ewe Show at American Royal. Learn more about Barrett below…

Did your high school self ever think this is what you would be doing in 2023?
No, lol. Or at least my high school brain probably did not comprehend to the degree and level in which this whole livestock world we live in would consume so much of our time, energy, and passion.

In your judging career, what is one thing that has stuck out to you?
I don’t know if the average person realizes how much show management, show volunteers and the general atmosphere at a show can totally dictate how enjoyable it is standing in the ring!

What’s your biggest pet peeve while judging?
Bad attitudes and poorly presented ones! And overly presented ones fall under poorly presented in my mind. Also I cannot answer this without hammering home that I still find obnoxious belly wool to be gross haha.

What’s your opinion on kids who show with a halter?
I’m not a fan! But mainly not a fan of the low fronted, straight shouldered sheep they tend to be on.

Do you prefer to evaluate when sheep are in motion or stuck on profile?
Definitely in motion! When it is close and deep with quality, I will place a lot of the top end while they are on the walk.

Tell us about your family!
My wife Jara is smarter than all of us and the best hand in the lambing barn you’ll ever find. And a hand with some sheep shears.  
My parents couldn’t be more supportive of all of us if we wanted them to be. There is no question who our biggest cheerleaders are.
Cooper and Jenna are taking on more responsibilities with Diamond C and paving their own path in the show sheep game.

What’s your dream vacation?
Somewhere that has great food, mild temperatures, and minimal people!