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Barrett Carlisle

We caught up with judge Barrett Carlisle before he steps “Inside the Ring” at The Show in Reno. Learn more about Barrett below…

What’s been your all time favorite sheep you have judged?
I had the chance to judge “Peaches” at Cow Palace during her big run. She looked incredible that day!

Who’s your biggest influence in evaluating livestock?
Having judging coaches that are legendary, like Chris Mullinix and Dr. Scott Schaake, helped shape my formative years of breaking down livestock and emphasizing skeletal quality. As far as somebody I have always admired watching while they were in the sheep ring, Kyle Smithwick would have to be high on the list.

What do you look for when evaluating?
When they first walk in, basic quality and presentation forms my initial impression. I can appreciate different kinds as long as they represent quality. After that, I prefer sheep with some uniqueness to their build and design, with the right kind of body and back shape.

If down to the last few, what will be your sort?
I definitely prefer to walk them a lot when it gets to the end. I am a believer that elite ones look even better loose than they do shown.

Do you prefer to evaluate when sheep are in motion or stuck on profile?
Definitely in motion! Especially when the showmanship is on point.

Tell us about your family!
My wife Jara is smarter than all of us and the best hand in the lambing barn you’ll ever find. And a hand with some sheep shears.  

My parents couldn’t be more supportive of all of us if we wanted them to be. There is no question who our biggest cheerleaders are.

Cooper and Jenna are taking on more responsibilities with Diamond C and it has been a big help!

What’s one show you look forward to every year?
The American Royal is in our backyard. It’s fun to have so many of your friends in the area for a few days!

In your mind, how has the industry changed in the show ring over the last 10 years?
The top end is more elite than it has ever been! And without a doubt, more expensive! There may be less total participants than before, but there are more people on their A game that can get it done!

We caught up with showmanship judge Barrett Carlisle before he steps “Inside the Ring” at The Show in Reno. We invite you to read our candid interview with Barrett below and please continue to check back often for our next edition of “Inside the Ring – Showmanship Edition.”

Do you like when kids show down on their lamb during showmanship?​
I do not mind it at all. However, I think it quickly exposes if you know the strengths of your sheep or not. Some are built to be shown that way, some are not!

In your opinion, What’s the most crucial thing to do in showmanship to succeed?
At the end of the day, for me, showmanship is simply about maximizing the number of good looks I get of your project while it is in the ring. In my eye, a good showman has presence, but isn’t a distraction, and can be very subtle about hiding any shortcoming of the project they are on the head of.

Do you prefer kids who get low on their sheep or stand up more when bracing?
I can’t say I have a clear preference one way or another. Certain kids can pull off different styles better than others, and different styles fit different sheep better. It boils down to what fits you and what maximizes your sheep.

What’s your opinion on kids who make noise to get their sheep to walk?
I hate snakes, so I really do not like when the show ring sounds like a hissing snake’s den. Excessive smooching noises are also very awkward. So, I guess you could say I’m not a fan of all the noises.

What’s your words of wisdom to the kids before you step in the ring?
Show up looking like you’re there to win! That first impression of “they’re here to win” goes a long ways!

What do you look forward to most about your upcoming showmanship judging experience?
Level of competition… No matter what you’re judging, the better it is, the more fun it is! I fully suspect showmanship will be quite good at The Show!