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Rule Sheep Co

We caught up with the breeder of the Reserve Grand Champion Wether Dam at the 2022 Arizona National. We invite you to read our candid interview with Rule Sheep Co below and please continue to check back often for our next edition of “Breeder Spotlight.”

Tell us about the breeding/genetics/pedigree of your state fair champion.
Emma Wood’s Reserve Supreme Ewe was a Unicorn x Going Commando

If you could add anything to your operation, what would it be?
I would make the month of September be year-round.

Over the last several years the use of Fresh and Frozen Semen AI, as well as flushing has evolved. How does your flock utilize AI/Flushing and if so, how has it affected your flock?
We’ve been flushing in 2008 and doing full flock AI since 2009.  We started selling Fresh semen in 2011 and built an onsite semen freezing lab in 2021 to guarantee our customers the highest standard of frozen semen quality possible. 

Do you have a job besides raising sheep, if so what?
Other than raising and breeding sheep, I over see our farming and commercial pig operation, Rule Supplements, and Rival Feeds.

Do you have a set time you like to have chores done by?
What is the best thing about our operation?  We have always tried to figure out the best way to get the best employees possible. Our goal is to bring the right people in and then develop a business plan around that person to help all parties achieve their goals.

Do you have a routine while choring, if so what is it?
I spend more time on the phone and computer than actually doing sheep chores.  Doing the dishes is my favorite chore currently.  I’ve streamlined the process to really minimize the amount of time it takes.  

What do you think has impacted the sheep industry the most within the past 10 years?
Artificial Insemination becoming the standard practice in the club lamb industry.  A customer with 5 ewes now has access to the most elite sires in the country.  It leveled the playing field for the smaller breeders.

You have a week to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Amsterdam for 3 days, Australia for 4…