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Beatty’s Club Lambs

We caught up with the breeder of the Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2022 Indiana State Fair, the Grand Champion Market Lamb and Ewe at the 2022 Pennsylvania Youth Livestock Show, and the Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2023 Pennsylvania Farm Show. We invite you to read our candid interview with Beatty’s Club Lambs below and please continue to check back often for our next edition of “Breeder Spotlight.”

Tell us about the breeding/genetics/pedigree of your state fair champion.
The Grand Wether at PAYLE was a OTL(Harrell) x BCL 20186 bullseye x Ali shown by Kenzie Stadtmiller. Who was sold by Bcl And raised with Genesis.  
The Grand ewe at PAYLE was a Say When x BCL 9045 Minnie Sb x Ali and shown by Kenzie Stadtmiller.
The Reserve at the PA Farm Show was a Silver Fox x BCL 20186 bullseye x Ali, who was sold by BCL and raised with Genesis. He was shown by Paislee Mumford and this was her first year in 4H! 20186 is in production now at Genesis and you can find her truce Babies in Indiana in February!
The Reserve at Indiana was a Top Gun x BCL 9146 SB x Ali
Who was shown by Caleb Lechlitner and placed by Genesis (Ethan Bontrager)

If you could add anything to your operation, what would it be?
A ram/buck only facility.  It’s been on my to do list for several years.  The current inflation in our economy and price of building materials is holding me back.

Over the last several years the use of Fresh and Frozen Semen AI, as well as flushing has evolved. How does your flock utilize AI/Flushing and if so, how has it affected your flock?
We’ve been utilizing the ai and flush programs for about 10 years now.  We’ve now sold all our black face ewes with the exception of 10 donors.  Our goal moving forward is to run around 20 donors and 150 recips.  We will lamb 3 flush groups per year December, January, and February.

Do you have a job besides raising sheep, if so what?
I’ve been fortunate enough to be farming full time and chasing my dreams for awhile now.  We’ve incorporated a herd of red angus seed stock at BCL.  We’ve diversified our genetic brand to include goats and bulls.  In our spare time my wife added the Rustic ranch.  Which has been something out of our comfort zone in the agritourism business.  Last year we planted sunflowers , pumpkins and held a fall fest.

Do you have a set time you like to have chores done by?
I like to have evening chores done by 6pm

Do you have a routine while choring, if so what is it?
We start morning chores at 5am and evening chores at 4pm.  My goal was always to feed on close to a 12 hour interval.  And to get in the house to see the kids before they go to school.  And every evening to get chores done in time to have a family meal and put the kids to bed.  A early start also gives us lots of time to get stuff done around the farm during the day.

What do you think has impacted the sheep industry the most within the past 10 years?
The progression of fresh chilled semen/ai/flush programs.  It’s changed the game it’s allowed about anyone in the country wether they have 5 ewes or 500 to utilize the buck of their choice.  It’s also helped people build programs faster and get quicker returns on investment when they sink a large number into a donor ewe.  the fresh chilled semen deal has drove the price up on the top end bucks.  When Joint Custody sold for 6 figures it seemed surreal and was all everyone was talking about. Or the year before when Brian sold Mudcat Game changer bulletproof etc, that sale grabbed everyones attention.  Now you barely bat an eye when a 6 week old baby lamb brings those kind of figures.  The evolution of the industry over the years has been fun to watch and be apart of.

You have a week to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Yellowstone/Montana.. I told my wife we could go last year. And well it didn’t happen (farming probs) , but there’s always next year right.