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We’d like to thank Charlie Hild for officiating class 6 of our judging contest! We’re honored to have him put the officials on Class 6!

In addition, we'd like to thank Hobbs Show Lambs for providing Class 6!

Placing: 2-3-1-4
Cuts: 2-4-2

2018 final standings will be posted week of December 25th.

I like the prospect ewes 2,3,1,4.

In an extremely high quality set, it sorts into pairs, where two has the edge in terms of mass and power over three. 2’s the ewe that plants with more width at the ground, and continues with the same advantage from there up. She’s the heavier muscled ewe that spans more width to her rack, and wraps more shape to her twist and stifle. Now there’s no doubt some will prefer the added look, length and extension found in three. She’s the one that grabs your attention from the side, as she ties a longer neater neck on top of a taller shoulder. But when reevaluating 2, she certainly doesn’t sacrifice a high quality look from the profile, and does so with more mass, so she’ll stay first.

Even so, it’s 3’s stout features that keep her over 1. 3 obviously strikes you with the most leg hair, but still reads with more genuine foot and bone, and more importantly is rounder ribbed.  I’ll agree one is a shot greener, is longer hipped, and no doubt looks the part braced on the profile. But for me, she needs to be bolder caged and built stouter at the ground to work her way up any higher.

None the less, it’s close on the bottom, but for me it’s 1’s basic build and skeletal quality that keeps her over 4.  When set into motion, I’d expect 1 to stay more collected in her topline and plant squarer with her hock from behind. Additionally, keeping in mind this is a prospect class, I simply think 1’s build suggests her better days are still ahead of her. Now I won’t argue 4 is the stouter featured, heavier muscled ewe, who has more turn and curvature to her cage. I’d just like to make her stronger behind her shoulder and strike with more squareness to her hock, so she’ll stay 4th. Thank you.


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