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We’d like to thank Cody Sloan for officiating class 5 of our judging contest! We’re honored to have him put the officials on Class 5!

In addition, we'd like to thank Burch Livestock for providing Class 5!

Placing: 3-2-4-1
Cuts: 2-5-3

I placed the prospect market lambs 3-2-4-1. There’s an initial pair of higher quality, nicer balanced sheep that offer more future. Of the close pair, I chose to sacrifice some balance and profile to gain the muscle and handling qualities found in 3. The heaviest structured lamb is built bolder and wider from end to end. His rounder rib allows him to lay more muscle over the top side of his skeleton, he’s squarer and shapelier over his rack and progresses back into the wider pin set and stouter hip. When he combines this with extra balance and structural correctness I label him as the most complete option of the 4. It’s certainly close between him and 2, because 2 is Unmatched from the profile. He’s the tall fronted, long necked sheep that draws up great in his lines and balances up with the most quality. Unfortunately, he gives up muscle shape and shear power to his contemporaries so I kept him a very close 2nd.

In a much easier middle pair, I’m sticking with the quality in 2 over 4. From the side, he’s the cleaner chested, deeper flanked sheep that remains leveler in his hip. Plus I read him as more attractive in the set to his hind leg, all of this collectively makes him the nicer balanced sheep with more upside potential in the future. I appreciate 4’s base width and muscle shape, he’s squarer over his rack and correct in his composition. But in criticism, his rounder hip, deeper chest and higher flank all jeopardize his balance and keep him in the bottom pair.

The bottom pair presents tradeoffs, but I give 4 the edge in composition over 1. I read the 4 lamb as much leaner over his fore rib and equipped with more honest shape over his top and thru his lower leg. Plus, although not perfect from the side, he’s still the taller shouldered, more extended option of the pair who is more correct in his top line. I appreciate 1’s body dimension and at first glance he reads powerful, but he’s the heaviest finished wether that is the least genuine in his shape. Ultimately I question how much true power he has, and when you combine this with his lack of elevation, extension and balance issues, I kept him 4th.


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