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We’d like to thank Matt Kennedy for officiating class 4 of our judging contest! We’re honored to have him put the officials on Class 4!

In addition, we'd like to thank Rule Sheep Company for providing Class 4!

Placing: 2-3-4-1
Cuts: 3-2-7

I like the commercial ewes 2341

2's overall quality easily elevates her to the top of my card. The flattest shouldered, best chested ewe also offers the best turn to her rib and the softest most maternal set to her flank. She further solidifies her class win when viewed from behind, as she is the bigger pinned, squarer hocked option in pair.

Sure the more hamp appearing ewe of this duo is a touch stouter featured, but she's harder and higher flanked and not as attractive in her hip and hind leg posture. Even so I liked her over the natural ewe in a close middle decision. Her skeleton and basic build lend herself to more possible longevity. The angle to her shoulder is better, her hip set is more attractive, and the set to her hock is more secure. I would suspect that on the go she's not only more accurate in her step but more stable in her hock flex. Admittedly the blue ewe is the stoutest in class from a shear muscle stand point. It's just hard for me to overlook her structural downfalls so she sorts 3rd.

With that said, she's still easily sorts up in my final decision. Her shear power and mass overwhelm the pair. And of the remaining two, she is still the sounder built option. She's more correct in her neck hook up, more relaxed in her top line and appears looser hinged out of her hip and hind leg. 1 still offers some good from a muscle and body stand point. But the lowest performing ewe in class has by far the most skeletal issues and simply is out powered by the top trio, so she is last.


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