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2017 Judging Contest - Final Standings Now Posted!


CLASS 6 - Prospect Ewe Lambs - Closed. Officials & Reasons Posted

CLASS 5 - Market Lambs - Closed. Officials & Reasons Posted

CLASS 4 - Commercial Ewes - Closed. Officials & Reasons Posted

CLASS 3 - Southdown Ewes - Closed. Officials & Reasons Posted

CLASS 2 - Yearling Ewes - Closed. Officials & Reasons Posted

CLASS 1 - Commercial Ewe Lambs
- Closed. Officials & Reasons Posted



Updated December 26, 2017

Below are individual & team standings through Class 6. Each month all teams & individuals with "50's" or the highest team scores will be entered in a drawing to win T-Shirts.

**If you notice any errors in the points standings, please contact us at to notify us of any corrections! Thanks!**

Class 6's winners are as follows:

Novice Division: Tommy Deebach

High School Division: Sarah Ronnenbaum

College Division: Ashley Pritts

Adult Division: Michael Dover

Team: KCL (Nathan Kershner, Chad Kershner, Doug Kershner, Connie Kershner)

Novice Individual High School Individual Collegiate Individual Adult Individual
Novice Team High School Team Collegiate Team Adult Team




Whether you got your name called at every awards breakfast or just like judging from the sidelines, this contest is for you. Get your entire FFA or 4-H Chapter in on the action, prove to your buddies who's got the best eye, or relive your judging years with the 2017 Judging Contest!

- Contest will consist of several classes throughout 2017.

- Classes will be posted on the 5th of each month.

- Placings must be submitted by the 20th of each month.

- Official placings & reasons will be posted following the close of each class.

- Standings will be posted frequently.

Age Divisions:
Based off of your classification as of 1/1/17
- Novice (8th Grade & Under)
- High School
- College
- Adult

- Teams can consist of up to 4 team members.

- All 4 team members scores will count towards team totals.

- To run as a team, simply come up with a team name and have all team members list that team name on their placings. You must also list your team members names on the placings card.

- High Individuals & High Team Awards will be presented at the close of the 2017 contest.

- Various Individual Awards per class will also be awarded.

- In the event of a tie for the overall year end scores, ties will be broken based upon class 1 scores. Further classes in sequential order will be used if necessary.

Assemble your team (or just run as an individual) and submit your placings on Class 1 by January 20! Good luck! : Your Online Source for the Show Lamb Industry
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