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Blue & Gold Classic (MI)
May 23, 2015
Judge: Gene Winn

Jackpot Sheep CHampions
Jackpot Sheep CHampions
Grand Champion Market Lamb (Hamp)
Cheyenne Bowman - Bred by VIP
Placed by Hill
Reserve Grand Market Lamb (Cross)
Sarah Jane Sterrett - Bred by Hassebrook
Placed by Hill



Jackpot Sheep CHampions
Jackpot Sheep CHampions
3rd Overall Market Lamb (Cross)
Cheyenne Bowman - Bred by Dee Brothers
Placed by Hill
4th Overall Market Lamb (Suffolk)
Demi Powers - Bred by Hoeing/Hill
Jackpot Sheep CHampions
Jackpot Sheep CHampions
5th Overall Market Lamb (Hamp)
Alexandria Schut - Bred by AWTR
Champion Ewe:
Sarah Jane Sterrett - Bred by Buckham

Ch. Natural Color - Jenna Bradley - bred by Viking
Res. Natural Color - Ellory Albrecht - bred by Three Way Acres
Ch. AOB - Cameron Hayden - bred by Lambright
Res. AOB - Sarah Hunker
Ch. Southdown - Brittzen Heisler
Res. Southdown - Austin Hunker
Res. Suffolk - Rachel Martin
Ch. Lwt. Xbred - Samantha Armstrong
Res. Lwt. XBred - Renee Martin
Ch. WF Xbred - Macy Morris
Res. WF Xbred - Bobbi Love

Ch. Showman 7 to 10 years - William Barnum
Ch. Showman 11 to 13 years - Samantha Armstrong
Ch. Showman 14 to 17 years & Overall Ch Showman - Jason Craig
Ch. Showman 18 to 21 years - Alexandria Schut




Caledonia FFA Blue & Gold (MI)
May 24, 2014
Judge - Clay Elliott

Grand Champion Market Lamb
Champion Hampshire
Maddie Stewart
Reserve Grand Market Lamb
Reserve Hampshire
Sarah Hunker



3rd Overall Market Lamb
Champion Heavy Crossbred
Bryant Chapman
4th Overall Market Lamb
Reserve Champion Heavy Crossbred
Megan Hunker



5th Overall Market Lamb
Champion Light Crossbred
Katelyn Stewart

Champion WFX - Austin Hunker
Reserve WFX - Cailen Mikek
Champion Suffolk - Renee Martin
Reserve Suffolk - Jena Bradley
Champion Shropshire - Bryant Chapman
Reserve Shropshire - Megan Hunker
Champion Natural - Sarah Hunker
Reserve Natural - Alexandria Schut - Bred by Three Way Acres
Reserve Light Cross - Brock Martin


Blue & Gold Jackpot (MI)
May 25, 2013

Grand Champion Market Lamb
Jordan Parker - Bred by Johnson
Reserve Grand Market Lamb
Rachel Salinas - Bred by Willow Green



3rd Overall Market Lamb
Madeline Stewart - Bred by Wheaton
4th Overall Market Lamb
Mallory Bowers - Bred by Poe



5th Overall Market Lamb
Trent George - Bred by Lambright



Champion Ewe
George Family - Bred by Forsee
Reserve Ewe
Mallory Bowers - Bred by Hull




Blue & Gold - MI
Hastings, MI | Saturday, May 26, 2012
Judge: Kolby Burch

Blue& Gold
Grand Champion
Trent George - Bred by Lambright
Reserve Grand
Sarah Hunker - Bred by McLaughlin




Third Overall
Madilyn Stewart - Raised by Wheaton

Fourth Overall
Sarah-Jane Sterrett - Bred by Slack



Fifth Overall
Megan Hunker - Bred by McLaughlin

Reserve Champion Natural: Trent George - Bred by Titus
Ch AOB - Tristen Wikel
Res AOB - Laurissa Souvinec - Bred by MB Genetics
Champion Dorset: Emma Strouse - Bred by Ed Martin- Placed by Shellhouse
Res Dorset - Jaycie Brown
Res Hampshire - Emma Strouse
Res Suffolk - Alex Schut - Bred by Morrical
Ch WFX - Alex Schut - Bred by Caven
Res WFX - Jason Craig - Bred by Three Way Acres

Champion Ewe
Sarah-Jane Sterrett - Bred by Wether or Not
Reserve Ewe
Laurissa Souvinec - Bred by MB Genetics



Champion Ram
Owned and bred by Three Way Acres
Reserve Ram
Mick and Jan Swihart


18 - 21 Champion - Megan Hunker
14 - 17 Champion - Sarah Hunker
11 - 13 Champion - Sarah-Jane Sterrett
7 - 10 Champion - Max Wagner




Caledonia FFA Blue and Gold Show
Judge: Brad Angus, IL
Saturday, May 28, 2011

Top 5 Lambs from Right to Left

Grand & Champion Suffolk: Kristi Berlet - Bred by Langmeier
Reserve & Champion Crossbred: Kelsey AcMoody - Bred by AcMoody
3rd Overall & Reserve Crossbred: Cole Mize - Bred by Spotlight
4th Overall & Champion Hamp: Kelsey AcMoody - Bred by AcMoody
5th Overall & Reserve Suffolk: Alexandria Schut - Bred by Schmillen

CH AOB - Rachel Salinas - Bred by Forsee
RES AOB - Wesley Moore - Bred by Double A (Buckland)
RES Hampshire - Brad Berlet - Bred by MacLennan
CH Natural Color - Trent George - Bred by Lambright
RES Natural Color - Reegan Humm - Bred by Beattie Farm

CH Commercial Ewe - Torie Beattie - Bred by Three Way Acres
RES Commercial Ewe - Jay Sweet - Bred by Spotlight

CH Commercial Ram - Joe Marhofer - Bred by Three Way Acres
RES Commercial Ram - Alexandria Schut - Bred by Thunderstruck Club Lambs/Harms Show Lambs

Senior Showmanship - Kelsey AcMoody
Intermediate Showmanship - Alexandria Schut
Beginner Showmanship - Ben Berlet





Blue & Gold

Hosted by the Caledonia FFA
May 2010

Judge: Dean Caven

Grand Champion &
Champion Hampshire:
Amanda Koch - JBJ CLub Lambs
Reserve Champion & Champion Suffolk:
Alex Schut - Rule Sheep Company
3rd Overall & Reserve Hampshire
Logan Bracey - AcMoody Farms
4th Overall & Reserve Suffolk
Sarah Kennedy - Patterson Show Lambs
5th Overall & Champion Crossbred
Jake Sloan - Wheaton Hampshires

Champion AOB - Courtney Baumann - Shroyer Show Stock
Reserve AOB - Brittzen Heisler - Three Way Acres Club Lambs

Reserve Crossbred - Alex Schut - Three Way Acres

Champion Natural Color - Amanda Koch - Sark Club Lambs
Reserve Natural Color - Kelsey Sattler - Sattler Show Stock

Champion Southdown - Rachel Salinas - Forsee Southdowns
Reserve Southdown - Trent George - Bred by Leininger

Champion Commercial Ram - Tori Beattie - McGolden Club Lambs
Reserve Commercial Ram - Thomas Marhofer - Three Way Acres Club Lambs

Champion Commercial Ewe - Brooke Ruggles - Bred by Feuerbach
Reserve Commercial Ewe - Wesley Moore - Wamsley Show Lambs

Champion Senior Showman - Amanda Koch
Champion Intermediate Showman - Jake Sloan
Champion Junior Showman - Alex Schut
Champion Beginner Showman - Courtney Baumann

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